Sudbury 20th January

The Hunters are out again on their first trip of 2006 Dawn to Dusk

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River Chelmer Broomfield 6th February

The Famous Duo searching for the remaining Pike left in this stretch of the River Chelmer after an extensive netting program by The Environment Agency in December 2005 to remove the Pike, but we caught The Ones That Got Away!

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Cants Mere 17th February

Trev Goes Solo at Cants Mere and the Maggot Clip worked at last

Praise The Lord !

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None But The Brave 25th February

Tuff Tufnel Mere

No this is not another moon landing, only Dave doing the Biz with his high Viz boilie,

Trev Blanked but will be back again very soon

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Cants Mere 13th March

Dave Tries out some more of his secrets as he has a strong feeling that something big is due out, and Trev reveals his wonder bait as 'BANOFFEE'

But bread flake does the Business at the end of another hard day

Dave Baiting up.jpg (89410 bytes)      Trev 13.8oz Mirror 13-03-06.jpg (125430 bytes)   Dave Common 13-03-06.jpg (101050 bytes)   Trev 10.8oz Common 13-03-06.jpg (127152 bytes)

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7th April Seabrooks Reservoir

Dave's last stand as he approaches the grand age of 50 

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Over 50's Club

20th April Seabrook's Reservoir

1st Evening Session of 2006

Dave does it again on Bread

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Braxted Saturday 27th May

A Very Rainy Day and not a bite in sight

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Sunday 25th June Tufnel Mere

With an early start 6am, prospects were very good as the weather was perfect and there were plenty of fish in front of us, Dave managed to land 3 Bream on fantastic plastic corn and Trev hooked one fish & lost it and missed a run whilst talking to Dave, in desperation Trev wore a disguise but still failed to hook up.

I Had a Fantastic Bream on Plastic.jpg (39078 bytes)   Another Fantastic on Plastic.jpg (67788 bytes)   Goldilocks.jpg (44374 bytes)


Cants Mere 3rd July 

After blanking on his last two outings Trev goes to Cants on the hottest day of the year, but found a nice shady nook to bag up whilst he waits to be re-joined by Dave who is incapacitated for a few days and will be back in action soon, Just watch this space!

Carp Action at Cants 03-07=06.jpg (69740 bytes)   Netting Carp Cants 03-07-2006.jpg (134738 bytes)   Carp Cants 03-07-06-1.jpg (77038 bytes)   Carp Cants 03-07-06-2.jpg (86246 bytes)   Carp Cants 03-07-06-3.jpg (91810 bytes) 

Tufnel Mere 17th July

Due to the annual Bury Hill Experience being postponed until a future date, and it promising to be a very hot day Trev decided to meet up with Tim who had scheduled a few hours over Tuffers and would be offering Trev some of his Wonder Mini Pineapple Boilies to try out, the result was excellent and a big thanks Tim for sharing your secret bait & It was nice to have a surprise visit from Dave who was convalescing, he also proved he still had The Golden Touch. 

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21st July

A Hectic Session! Dave caught the Biggest fish of the day, a beautiful 14lb Common on Bread, Well done Dave! Fishing at its very best just what the doctor ordered to complete your recovery, Back to work next week!

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Wick Mere Ulting

19th August

This is the third time for Trev at this venue & it could be his last , although he did get a small bite on this occasion ,Dave hooked & lost the biggest fish in the lake , so he may come again one day (on his own) Pictures below of Daves Swim & Dave just woken up, he was dreaming of Bury Hill next Friday .

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Chestnut Pool (Near Henlow Bedfordshire)

29th August (Trev Solo Trip)

Chestnut Pool is just 2 miles from Henlow High Street, when Trev arrived at 9-30am he met the Angling Times Chief Photographer Mick Rouse who took him down to the lake to meet TV Fishing Celebrity Steve Ringer who was fishing for a photo shoot for Angling Times, Mick introduced Trev to Steve & after a chat he took a photo of them, 'As for the fishing' Trev fished into an Island and managed to catch 5 nice Carp to 7lb & several Bream, Perch ,Roach & Rudd,, this was the first trip to Chestnut Pool & certainly won't be the last !  Bait of the day 'Tangerine Boilies'

Steve Ringer & Trev.jpg (142505 bytes)   Steve Ringer Chestnut Pool.jpg (163683 bytes)   Chestnut1.jpg (132050 bytes)   Chestnut2 The Swim.jpg (129394 bytes)   Chestnut3 To my Left.jpg (124865 bytes)

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Blunts Mere 2nd October

An early start found Dave & Trev at the waters edge. It was to turn into a Bumper Bag up session prior to Autumn setting in, the list of fish caught was to include 4 personal bests for Trev ending in an 18lb-8oz Beauty & many other nice fish for Dave to 13lb-4oz,,,we will let the Pictures tell the Story. Could their success be due to a visit by a little Leprechaun ? 'to be sure' 

Calm before the storm. A blunts Bonanza.jpg (44281 bytes)  Leppy.jpg (38658 bytes)  1Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (142295 bytes)   2Blunts 02-10-06 Cammo Hat Dave.jpg (158810 bytes)   3Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (130812 bytes)   4Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (161157 bytes)  

 5Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (154180 bytes)   6Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (174000 bytes)   7Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (187262 bytes)   8Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (143332 bytes)   9Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (173550 bytes)   10Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (135143 bytes)   11Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (132992 bytes)   12Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (147828 bytes)   14Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (120086 bytes)   15Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (173141 bytes)   16Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (127058 bytes)   17Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (108616 bytes)   19Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (128420 bytes)   20Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (94030 bytes)   21Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (76411 bytes)


Blunts Mere 18th October 2006

Trev Goes Solo & lands a new PB at 19lb & thanks to Karen for the photo's

As you can see it was a very misty start & rain was forecast although the temperature was 19c the fish were still feeding & best baits were Paste & Bread & Vitalin method mix, Trev had about 12 fish in total including fish to 14lb & several doubles...

                  4Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (119250 bytes)   3Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (79783 bytes)   2Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (87783 bytes)   5Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (91325 bytes)      6Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (94000 bytes)        7Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (92937 bytes)   8Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (95105 bytes)   19lb Common PB1 Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (92348 bytes)   19lb Common PB2 Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (115310 bytes)