Blunt's Mere 15th September 2010

Today Trev & Tim arranged a session at Blunt's before the cold weather sets in, it proved to live up to expectations & Tim had the time of his life Bagging up Big time with so many big carp to 13lb & some bonus Tench, It was obvious to Trev that Tim has perfected the method to dominate this Lake & he was justifiable rewarded. Trev had Five Carp to 12lb.....& a good time was had negotiating the overhanging Trees,,, Ha Ha Ha just watch the expert Trev !

1Blunts Mere 15th Sepy 2010.jpg (133249 bytes)   2Blunts Mere 15th Sepy 2010.jpg (160656 bytes)   3Blunts Mere 15th Sepy 2010.jpg (153324 bytes)   4Blunts Mere 15th Sepy 2010.jpg (179086 bytes)   5Blunts Mere 15th Sepy 2010.jpg (164468 bytes)   6Blunts Mere 15th Sepy 2010.jpg (185298 bytes)   8Blunts Mere 15th Sepy 2010.jpg (159715 bytes)


The River Stour Sudbury

Friday 6th August 2010

After a previously cancelled trip Tim & Trev Finally got out on the river aboard Piker 1 for a bit of mixed Summer fishing, species targeted were Perch, Roach, Bream, & of course their favorite Pike,,, All were boated although the pike were small they made good sport on spinners, Tim & Trev had no less than 7 Pike on spinners & had several that shed the lures when hooked, Tim caught his first Perch on a spinner & a nice day was enjoyed,,  the rain kept off all but a light shower,,, 5 of the Pike were caught trolling from the boat which was a new experience & method for Tim & Trev,,, May we take this opportunity to wish Dave a speedy recovery from his recent accident & Trev looks forward to their next outing soon,,,,,,

1Piker1 6th August 2010.jpg (79790 bytes)   2Piker1 6th August 2010.jpg (95320 bytes)   3Piker1 6th August 2010.jpg (87549 bytes)   4Piker1 6th August 2010.jpg (87004 bytes)   5Piker1 6th August 2010.jpg (114158 bytes)





The River Stour Sudbury

Friday 9th July 2010

This was the first summer fishing Trip that Trev & Dave had been on this Season & it turned out a cracker ,,

The weather was very hot although some shade could be found under the trees, The fishing was Fantastic what with Dave Bagging up big time with the Perch & Catching a Monster late in the day.

Trev had a Couple of nice Bream as well as Perch, Scimmers & big Rudd on hooking a small perch Trev had it taken by a Pike.

As the River was so Clear Trev had a go at taking a couple of underwater Pics which have been included in this update although forgive the Quality as they were taken with Trev's Mobile Phone,,, 

1The River 9th July 2010.jpg (77347 bytes)   2The River 9th July 2010.jpg (111374 bytes)    4The River 9th July 2010.jpg (160859 bytes)   5The River 9th July 2010.jpg (135177 bytes)   6The River 9th July 2010.jpg (132464 bytes)

7The River 9th July 2010.jpg (125109 bytes)   8The River 9th July 2010.jpg (165576 bytes)   9The River 9th July 2010.jpg (132327 bytes)   10The River 9th July 2010.jpg (124542 bytes)  11The River 9th July 2010.jpg (132747 bytes)








Blunts Mere 

Friday 14th May 2010

Today was the first outing together this season for Tim & Trev & what a day it turned out to be.They caught approx 20 fish between them with some notable fish of 16lb-4oz, 18lb-2oz, 13lb-9oz, & at last Trev Landed his first Common Carp over Twenty Pounds at 24lb-1oz (a new personal best fish) best baits were fruit boilies ........

1 Blunts 14th May 2010.jpg (164368 bytes)   2 Blunts 14th May 2010 18lb-2oz.jpg (161313 bytes)   3 Blunts 14th May 2010.jpg (176615 bytes)   4 Blunts 14th May 2010 24lb-1oz.jpg (189976 bytes)   5 Blunts 14th May 2010.jpg (153361 bytes)   6 Blunts 14th May 2010.jpg (125970 bytes)

7Blunts 14th May 2010.jpg (104512 bytes)   9 Blunts 14th May 2010.jpg (134957 bytes)







Blunts Mere 14th September 2009

Tim & Trev met at 6-50-am for an early start, after setting up it was not long before the Carp obliged and Trev started the ball rolling with a nice common of 13lb the fish kept coming throughout the day best Carp was 13lb-12oz .

 Tim managed some nice Carp, Crucians, Tench & bonus Rudd & Roach. This will be the last of the carping until next May for Trev, but he will be back in October for the Piking Season,, Tim intends to Catch his second Twenty next Sunday at Blunts (Good Luck Tim).............

1Blunts 14-09-09.jpg (177176 bytes)   2Blunts 14-09-09.jpg (137533 bytes)   4Blunts 14-09-09.jpg (183621 bytes)  5Blunts 14-09-09.jpg (145356 bytes)  6Blunts 14-09-09.jpg (168958 bytes)   7Blunts 14-09-09.jpg (162604 bytes)



River Stour Sudbury 21st August 2009

Today Trev & Dave went in pursuit of the big Bream in the river & managed to catch a few to 6lb-7oz & some really nice Perch Roach & Rudd best baits were bread & Worm.

1sudders 21-08-09.jpg (142198 bytes)   2sudders 21-08-09.jpg (113555 bytes)   3sudders 21-08-09.jpg (116063 bytes)   4sudders 21-08-09.jpg (132654 bytes)   

5sudders 21-08-09.jpg (145510 bytes)   6sudders 21-08-09.jpg (159464 bytes)   7sudders 21-08-09.jpg (134506 bytes) 



River Stour 3rd July 2009

Dave & Trev took to the waves for a spot of summer lure fishing aboard Piker1 & also some float fishing for the smaller varieties of coarse fish in the river, apart from a small jack pike landed in the morning on a lure by Trev on his new John Wilson Six Shooter rod the pike were elusive for the rest of the day,, Although Trev had a tussle with & lost a Monster Pike that took his small Chub that he hooked in a weir pool on light float tackle & this was a moment to remember for both anglers,, Dave had some nice fish including some perch & a bonus bream,, a good mixed day's fishing & watching the wild life of the river & it stayed dry with some sunshine...

1 Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (75721 bytes)   2Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (164663 bytes)   3Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (131261 bytes)   4Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (123627 bytes)   5Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (136377 bytes)  

6Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (119472 bytes)   7Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (182891 bytes)   8Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (157381 bytes)   9Piker 1 3rd July 09.jpg (99973 bytes)   1Swans whilst Fishing 3rd July 2009.jpg (161535 bytes)




Tufnel Mere 3rd June 2009

After Trev had a Blank at Blunts Mere on the 22nd May, it was a welcome change to be back at an old favorite area at Tufnel, the weather held out & the fish kept coming throughout the day . Dave joined in the action in the afternoon & we all caught fish. Tim caught a new Personal best Tench of 4lb-2oz (well done Tim) & we also caught some nice Bream to 3lb-12oz...best Carp to Trev of 11lb-2oz,,.

1tuffers 3-6-09.jpg (124712 bytes)   2tuffers 3-6-09.jpg (115696 bytes)   3uffers 3-6-09.jpg (101362 bytes)  

 4uffers 3-6-09.jpg (144050 bytes)   5uffers 3-6-09.jpg (102248 bytes)   6uffers 3-6-09.jpg (107069 bytes)



Blunt's Mere 22nd May 2009

First full day session and not a lot to say except well Done Dave on a Truly Memorable Day!

Trev's Day will come soon! Best Carp 18lb-12oz ,,,Second Best 17lb-4oz & the rest all Doubles (Bait a Secret)

1Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (150499 bytes)   2Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (165569 bytes)   3Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (129240 bytes)   4Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (147424 bytes)   

5Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (313502 bytes)

6Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (152066 bytes)   7Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (144404 bytes)   9Blunts 22-05-09.jpg (99891 bytes)




Dawn's Vale 10th Sept 2008

This trip was a long time coming for Dave & Trev the day remained dry & the fishing was slow to start , but then Dave started to bag up & Trev just watched & waited , Dave caught some lovely Dawn's Vale Carp & Trev caught a few too, this is a brief note of the day as time is limited at the moment,, the pike season will be on us soon so 'watch this space' as they say!

1Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (110722 bytes)   2Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (149876 bytes)   3Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (171425 bytes)   4Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (131269 bytes)   5Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (158657 bytes)

6Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (144890 bytes)   7Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (160335 bytes)   8Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (118923 bytes)   9Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (166283 bytes)

10Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (171049 bytes)   11Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (128004 bytes)   12Dawns Vale 10-09-2008.jpg (147808 bytes)


Cants Mere 25th February 2008

After a severe overnight frost Dave & Trev met at 8am in the car park, they loaded the carp barrows & headed for a Double swim that Trev had tried out back in September 2007. After setting up it was not long before the first carp was in the landing net, both Trev & Dave had several double figure fish the best carp of the day went 13lb-14oz to Trev, both anglers were very impressed with the superb condition of the fish,, The best baits were Asda Meatballs & Bread dipped in the gravy,, they were looking to having their strings pulled today & Cants didn't let them down.....

1cants 25-02-2008.jpg (187961 bytes)   2cants 25-02-2008.jpg (175261 bytes)  3cants 25-02-2008.jpg (185257 bytes)   4cants 25-02-2008.jpg (133271 bytes)   5cants 25-02-2008.jpg (128427 bytes)

6cants 25-02-2008.jpg (149521 bytes)   7cants 25-02-2008.jpg (164057 bytes)   8cants 25-02-2008.jpg (155392 bytes)   9cants 25-02-2008.jpg (135945 bytes)   10cants 25-02-2008.jpg (187076 bytes)

11cants 25-02-2008.jpg (134034 bytes)




Cants Mere 23rd January 2008

Trev Decided to take a trip over Cant's to get the tight line feeling back after a couple of blanks Piking in recent weeks, he was not disapointed armed with one float rod & a loaf of bread he fished from 9-30am till 3-45pm & bagged up with too many carp to count, as he was fishing alone the few photo's published here were taken using his mobile phone Tripod & timer, this place is really the place to be when the fishing gets hard elsewhere....

Home Again Cants Mere 23-01-2008.jpg (157164 bytes)   1Cants Mere 23-01-2008.jpg (178378 bytes)   2Cants Mere 23-01-2008.jpg (145196 bytes)   3Cants Mere 23-01-2008.jpg (180182 bytes)   4Cants Mere 23-01-2008.jpg (187626 bytes)   

5Cants Mere 23-01-2008.jpg (46055 bytes)   6Cants Mere 23-01-2008.jpg (74935 bytes)




Blunts & Cants Mere 

Wednesday 17th October 2007

Determined to go for the big carp at Blunts Mere Trev & Dave arrived before the crack of dawn at 6-45am, They managed to get their favorite swims that had always produced good carp, Alas it was not be this time & after just one carp of 9lb to Trev on bread Flake they moved to Cants Mere for the afternoon session & from the first cast bagged up until they left the water at Dusk,, Every cloud has a silver lining.....Next Trip will be Piking at Sudbury on 30th October..

1Blunts & Cants 17-10-07.jpg (129699 bytes)   2Blunts & Cants 17-10-07.jpg (105150 bytes)   3Blunts & Cants 17-10-07.jpg (117607 bytes)   4Blunts & Cants 17-10-07.jpg (145558 bytes)   5Blunts & Cants 17-10-07.jpg (140807 bytes)   

6Blunts & Cants 17-10-07.jpg (144221 bytes)   

Cants Mere Tuesday 11th September 2007

A snap decision & Trev went with Karen for a few hours 8-30am till 2pm & had a terrific time bagging the carp in the hot sunshine best carp 15lbs on Meatball, thanks to Karen for the photo's...nobody else on Cants today.

1Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (140609 bytes)   2Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (154563 bytes)   3Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (124134 bytes)   4Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (192165 bytes)   5Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (175445 bytes)

6Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (185058 bytes)   7Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (169100 bytes)   8Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (172126 bytes)   9Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (174572 bytes)   10Cants Mere 11th Sept 2007.jpg (183709 bytes)


Blunts Mere Saturday 6th September 2007

We arrived at our swims at 6-30am & fished till 5pm, the weather was very still & warm, at this point we did not have any idea how the day would be, then Dave started what was to be one of his very best days fishing catching double figure carp throughout the day first fish at 10lb & topped by a near personal best of 18lb,, other notable specimens were 16lb,15lb, 13lb-7oz, 13lb, & several others, Trev had a lovely day watching (Dynamite Dave) & also caught a few Tiddlers himself to 12lb-7oz... top bait was Halibut Wraps.. this was Dave's Day 'well done' Dave,,, He who plans Wins....

1Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (159301 bytes)   2Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (130921 bytes)   3Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (133069 bytes)   4Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (179579 bytes)   5Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (146256 bytes)  

 6Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (129728 bytes)   7Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (119122 bytes)   8Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (172325 bytes)   9Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (142071 bytes)   10Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (125591 bytes)

11Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (145482 bytes)  12Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (129460 bytes)   13Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (122027 bytes)   14Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (131122 bytes)   15Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (148677 bytes)

16Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (110120 bytes)   17Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (125475 bytes)   18Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (103441 bytes)   19Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (142316 bytes)   20Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (180542 bytes)

21Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (127831 bytes)   22Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (103841 bytes)   23Blunts Mere 8th Sept 2007.jpg (99424 bytes)   



Chestnut Pool Bedfordshire 22nd August 2007

We arrived at 9-30am & fished from 10am - 5pm the weather was not the best but it kept dry until the afternoon, we caught carp to 11lb-6oz.  Dave was introduced to the flying bream of Chestnut Pool, when they are hooked they fly/surf across the lake & one actually landed on Trevs fishing platform all by itself , Curried bread was the bait of the day for the bream & Halibut Pellets for the Carp.

1Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (136983 bytes)   2Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (159070 bytes)   3Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (159097 bytes)   4Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (129903 bytes)   5Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (170385 bytes)   6Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (123824 bytes)   7Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (156032 bytes)   8Chestnut Pool 22-08-2007.jpg (171543 bytes)



Blunts Mere 11th August 2007

We arrived at the car park at 6-30am & fished in a swim that Tim had previously had his Twenty from last year, the wind was almost non existent at 1mph and the day was hot & sunny, we had carp all day & Dave had a nice Tench & 1 Crucian carp, Trev landed his best carp this year at 17lb-6oz on Halibut Pellet, other notable fish included carp of 10lb-8oz & 12lb-8oz.....

1Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (155149 bytes)  2Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (152410 bytes)   3Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (155569 bytes)   4Blunts Mere 10-08-07 17.6lb.jpg (156556 bytes)   5Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (159658 bytes)   Wake me when i get a bite2.jpg (96638 bytes)

6Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (115693 bytes)   7Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (111919 bytes)   8Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (115420 bytes)   9Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (90399 bytes)   11Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (144259 bytes)

12Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (147036 bytes)   13Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (150029 bytes)   Trev's putting his back into it 2.jpg (83619 bytes)

Back Lake Boreham 9th July 2007

Fishing from about 6-30am till 6pm we were blessed with the weather as there had been a forecast of storms & rain almost anywhere luck was with us & the sun shone on the righteous, The fishing was non stop & Dave was satisfied and a Happy Man (I think) catching a mixed bag, no monsters but we had a great time with the feisty beasts that tried to run us into to reeds,,,

BL1.jpg (145254 bytes)   BL2.jpg (126051 bytes)   BL3.jpg (171455 bytes)   BL4.jpg (166449 bytes)   BL5.jpg (189728 bytes)   BL6.jpg (190798 bytes)   BL7.jpg (164503 bytes)   BL8.jpg (164611 bytes)   10Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (109988 bytes)   11Blunts Mere 10-08-07.jpg (144259 bytes)


Blunt's Mere 22nd June 2007

Just back from his Holiday Trev Joined Dave in search of Blunt's Monsters & although the weather forecast was for Rain this did not put the two off,, Having set up in their favorite swims the action started straight away,, they lost count of the double figure carp they caught, also Dave caught two Lovely Crucian Carp a few really nice Tench & Rudd, baits varied but the Wraps around halibut was the most successful...Biggest fish of the day was a Carp of 16lbs to Trev

1Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (106490 bytes)   2Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (119898 bytes)   3Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (147241 bytes)   4Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (138301 bytes)   5Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (136711 bytes)   6Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (111908 bytes)   7Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (152528 bytes)   9Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (153162 bytes)   8Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (129603 bytes)   10Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (106254 bytes)   11Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (30743 bytes)   12Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (160040 bytes)   13Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (178930 bytes)   14Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (133481 bytes)  15Blunts 22-06-07.jpg (132409 bytes)

Cant's Mere 8th May 2007

We arrived at the water at 6-30am & fished until 6-30pm when we ached so much from catching loads of double figure carp, the wind was increasing as the day progressed and turned to gale force by the afternoon. This was truly the most productive session on Cant's that we can remember,,  largest carp weighed 14lbs & we had several fish between 12lbs - 13lbs baits varied from Bread to Boilies,, we are now looking forward to Blitzing Blunts Mere very soon where we both hope to break the 20lb barrier .. roll on summer !

1 Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (159287 bytes)   2Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (148853 bytes)   3Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (161146 bytes)   4Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (163598 bytes)   5Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (165887 bytes)   6Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (115603 bytes)   7Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (151529 bytes)   8Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (146281 bytes)  9Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (110347 bytes)   10Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (176191 bytes)   12Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (175327 bytes)   13Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (73919 bytes)   15Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (139371 bytes)  16Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (139385 bytes)  17Cants Mere 08-05-07.jpg (150622 bytes)     


Seabrook's Reservoir 23rd March

Trev was joined by an unknown Reggae performer to fish for carp on a cold damp day,, after a long period of inactivity Trev demanded a bite and sure enough Dave landed his only fish of the day,, after a few tales from the Caribbean Trev landed a very similar fish to Dave's & lost a very decent fish on the float rod, bait of the day Luncheon meat ...we were the only anglers fishing on the lake today, I wonder why !

1Seabrooks 23-03-07.jpg (93881 bytes)   2Seabrooks 23-03-07.jpg (140566 bytes)   3Seabrooks 23-03-07.jpg (135010 bytes)   4Seabrooks 23-03-07.jpg (121753 bytes)   


Cants Mere 27th January

The first trip of the year for Dave as he has been very busy with other commitments,, we arrived at the car park at 6-45am & fished from 7-30am until 1pm, due to overnight frost and the recent cold weather  the fish were off the feed and we struggled to catch a total of 4 Fish best about 8lb & Dave lost a monster at the net !

1Cants 27-01-07.jpg (75564 bytes)   2Cants 27-01-07.jpg (135428 bytes)   3Cants 27-01-07.jpg (138159 bytes)   4Cants 27-01-07.jpg (116305 bytes)  6Cants 27-01-07.jpg (60033 bytes)