Trev's Fishing Trips with Roger

Seabrook's Reservoir 12th October 2006

Today was Trev's first trip with Roger who has taken up fishing after a break for many years, this year he started Carp fishing with his son and is trying out the new methods used today & the baits including boilies & all the rigs that the modern carp anglers use he is adapting very well & as you can see today he landed two double figure carp of 11lb-4oz & 10lb-8oz ,,,, Trev's catch included carp to 14lb-8oz & a few other doubles, successful baits included Tangerine boilies, Halibut Pellets, Green Koi Swim Stim Paste, Luncheon Meat & Roger's secret bait (White Cream Boilies)

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