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9th February 2010

John (Watto) Watson,,Top Pike Angler visits 

The Stour at Sudbury with his Film Crew

John Watto Watson Filming Sudbury 9th February 2010.jpg (114360 bytes)   2John Watto Watson Filming Sudbury 9th February 2010.jpg (139322 bytes)   3John Watto Watson Filming Sudbury 9th February 2010.jpg (117771 bytes)


4th February 2010

The River Stour at Liston

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1st January 2010

Canoeing Sudbury -2c

P1010025-1.jpg (171371 bytes)   P1010026-1.jpg (104238 bytes)



3rd March 2009

Dave takes Possession of his JW Six Shooter

Photo-six shooter.jpg (68850 bytes)



11th February 2009

Piker 1 Rescue & The Floods at Sudbury

1Piker 1 out of water.jpg (142706 bytes)   2Piker 1 out of water.jpg (135179 bytes)   Piker 1 the Rescue.jpg (100102 bytes)   Piker 1 back after the ordeal.jpg (140047 bytes)   2Flood 2009.jpg (109640 bytes)

3Flood 2009.jpg (141852 bytes)  Friars Meadow 11th Feb 09.jpg (83717 bytes)


12th January 2009

Piker 1 Frozen in 

Piker 1 12th Jan 09.jpg (106645 bytes)   The Quay 12th Jan 09.jpg (108318 bytes)


29th October 2008

Out on the boat again downstream to Cornard Lock

stour2.jpg (114140 bytes)   stour1.jpg (162165 bytes)   cornard lock.jpg (142470 bytes)   Home Stretch Friars Meabow.jpg (119156 bytes)


24th October 2008

Piker 1 Launched Today 

Piker1 at Quay.jpg (181866 bytes)  Before The Off.jpg (135468 bytes)                      

  Down the Stour 1.jpg (107160 bytes)   going upstream1.jpg (115798 bytes)   In Control.jpg (114374 bytes)   The 20 Pounder Swim.jpg (131251 bytes)  

 The Railway Bridge.jpg (132487 bytes)   Towards Ballingdon Bridge.jpg (126192 bytes)   Towards Ballingdon Bridge2.jpg (127881 bytes)   Under Ballingdon Bridge.jpg (114888 bytes)   The Wides.jpg (84385 bytes) 

  The Pillbox Swim Friars.jpg (72401 bytes)   Friars The Jetty Swim.jpg (130038 bytes)   Coming Downstream The Railway Bridge Swim.jpg (143370 bytes)   Coming Home Friars.jpg (95405 bytes)   Back at The Quayside.jpg (148793 bytes)





Tim's Kebab Rig for Pike

Tim's Kebab Rig.jpg (110303 bytes)


A Pikers Tale by Dave

                 A Pikers Tale
Another day dawns we both have a vision
Trev and Dave go out on a mission
to their favourite river they often go
where fearsome beasts doth lurk below
I find my swim it's good i'll bet
so I cast my smelt and the trap is set
it's cold and raw under cloudy skies
Which heralds the arrival of Karen's pies
but isn't it strange and somewhat odd
you get halfway through and your float will bob
as I wind right down it's almost gone
with upward strike, the fight is on
a shout goes out oh what joy
yes we're in oi oi oi
a twist of head with thrash of tail
it tries to flee but to no avail
before too long the weaker it gets
then a mate steps in with the trusty net
a shake of the hand and a pic for the web
a special moment it has to be said
a safe release oh lord up above
a dog has run off with Trevor's glove
come back bad girl hear the owner roar
she's never, not ever, done that before !
it's getting late the light grows dim
another great yell and Trev is in
he lands his fish with skill and care
congrats all round, he who dares
it's time to leave when all's said and done
the day has passed by so where has it gone
we may be mad, act like kids if you like
but you can't beat that feeling of catching a pike
With thanks to our wives we can't forget those
who pack up our lunch and wash fishy clothes
as for next season more new pb's it's clear
but until then Merry Christmas and
              A HAPPY NEW YEAR
                                                       @ COPYRIGHT.
Trev's Home Made Drop Back Indicator for Pike Ledgering, Beta Version, Testing 9th Nov 2007

Drop Back Beta 1.jpg (153692 bytes)   Drop Back Beta 2.jpg (175206 bytes)   Drop Back Beta 3.jpg (116642 bytes)   Drop Back Beta 4.jpg (181078 bytes)


A Few Pictures From Trev's Holiday in Cyprus at the Dams

1Dam.jpg (101237 bytes)   2Dam.jpg (112841 bytes)   3Dam.jpg (122810 bytes)   4Dam.jpg (137072 bytes)   5Dam.jpg (32041 bytes)   

6Dam.jpg (118010 bytes)  Limosol.jpg (137118 bytes)   

Right-click to save The Weed Dredger Coltishall Norfolk video - left click to view

This is an area of our web site that we will post any news items relating to our favorite sport, including details of new fishing venues, baits including secret ones that you feel are no longer secrets.

To start off the first item ( A new fishery is revealed in the heart of the Essex countryside)  A special thanks to Tim who read an article in The Anglers Mail regarding this little Gem known as Dawn's Vale, it is set in a partly wooded area and fishing can be had with a Day ticket booked in advance. Trev & Karen's Dad tried it out on 31st July 2007, a few pics below to wet your appetite after a walk round the lake on Sunday afternoon 29th July 2007.

1Dawn's Vale2.jpg (155991 bytes)   2Dawn's Vale2.jpg (168267 bytes)   3Dawn's Vale2.jpg (191322 bytes)   4Dawn's Vale2.jpg (185334 bytes)   5Dawn's Vale2.jpg (149090 bytes)               

7Dawn's Vale.jpg (155059 bytes)   8Dawn's Vale.jpg (145145 bytes)   9Dawn's Vale.jpg (296004 bytes)   Entrance Dawn's Vale.jpg (142992 bytes)