Trev's Fishing Trips with Karen's 


Dawn's Vale 2nd July 2010

Today was a very hot day & both Karen's Dad & Trev caught plenty of Crucians & Tench The Biggest Crucian went to Karen's Dad on Bread. No carp were caught as both anglers were trying to avoid them for a change.

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Tufnel Mere 30th June 2009

The Golden Float Award was contested again this year after a 2 year break due to Trev moving house last year,, We had intended to fish our usual venue Broads Green Lake but due to all swims taken by other anglers we agreed to fish in Tufnel, although the fish were moving about in our swim they proved very hard to catch. Trev had a carp of 6lb-12oz & a nice Bream..  about half way through the match Karen's Dad landed a potential Match Winner a Magnificent Common of 11lb-2oz (Not Bad for a 84 year old) it was assumed that the game was over until at 2-55pm Trev Caught the winning fish of 14lb-12oz, best bait Bread ! 

1Golden Float 2009.jpg (170949 bytes)   2Golden Float 2009.jpg (119446 bytes)   11lb-2oz Golden Float  Runner up 2009.jpg (176879 bytes)   14lb-12oz Winner Golden Float 2009.jpg (145314 bytes)




Cant's Mere 5th June 2008

Just a short session fishing from 12pm till 4pm but what a session it was Trev & Karen's Dad were exhausted catching carp on every cast biggest 13lb to Trev, Karen's Dad 11lb-8oz although a fish estimated at 15lb + was landed by Karen's Dad but it slipped back in whilst trying to weigh it, a great little trip!

1Cants 05-06-08.jpg (153391 bytes)   13lb Common Carp Cants 05-06-08.jpg (104118 bytes)   Cants 05-06-08.jpg (161713 bytes)





Broads Green Lake Monday 19th May 2008

A cold day although a little sunshine at times, Karen's Dad had not been out fishing since August last year so this was quite an event for him, he got smashed up on a large carp & lost another of about 15lbs at the net (blame Trev for that) Trev only had one bite & one fish on Halibut Pellet, never mind that's fishing,,,,,be back soon.

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Cants Mere Wednesday 29th August 2007

We fished from 9-30am-4pm & caught fish all day' plenty of carp to Double figures, notable fish were Karens Dad 11lb-8oz, &10lb & Trev with his biggest at 13lb-8oz, although there were plenty of fish in the swim they still proved to be Educated & were not easy to fool, still we managed to outwit a fair few with Halibut Pellet, Bread, Paste & Worm,, also a surprise Perch to Karen's Dad on worm,, The weather was Perfect & the fish are getting bigger & in great condition. 'Baggler Dave' they are on the boil !

1Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (169811 bytes)   2Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (153336 bytes)   4Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (179636 bytes)   5Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (153683 bytes)   6Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (96835 bytes)  

 7Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (123939 bytes)   8Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (166167 bytes)   9Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (156568 bytes)   10Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (159174 bytes)   11Cants Mere 29th Aug 2007.jpg (177437 bytes)   

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Dawn's Vale 31st July 2007

A special thanks to Tim for discovering this new lake, We fished from 9am until 5pm on a lovely sunny day (Dave take note) Trev caught several good Crucian Carp & two Mirrors & Karen's Dad had a nice Mirror of about 7lbs,, we both hooked bigger fish that got away, this place is really special & when Tim returns from his holiday I am sure he will want to tackle the potential record size Crucians to 5lb that are in the lake & the Carp to 37lb,, below are a few pics from our day, best bait was smelly sardine & pellet paste....

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The Golden Float Award

Broads Green 5th June 2007

After a slow start with no bites coming to the method feeder for Trev & the same for Karen's Dad on a swing tip we changed to the float with Bread & Luncheon Meat & straight away Trev landed the biggest carp of the day at exactly 14lb which turned out to be the match winner. Trev had another 5 carp on bread which were all doubles. Karen's Dad caught 3 carp 2x 10lb & 1 at 11lb-4oz on bread flake. The Trophy was presented to Trev on returning home by the 2006 winner, we look forward to another battle next year at this event.

14lb Winner Golden Float 2007.jpg (194060 bytes)   2Golden Float 2007.jpg (143674 bytes)   3Golden Float 2007.jpg (177144 bytes)   4Golden Float 2007.jpg (158886 bytes)   5Golden Float 2007.jpg (171544 bytes)   Presentation Golden Float 2007.jpg (135762 bytes)


Cant's Mere 

22nd May 2007

After a long lay off from last year Trev took Karen's Dad to Cant's for a spot of Carp Fishing, after catching  a few nice fish to 10lb on float tackle he thought he would try his luck on the top with bread crust and it proved to be worthwhile & he managed to land many more carp to an estimated 12lb, Trev had his work cut out with assisting with the landing net but managed a few nice doubles himself,,, plus the sun shone on the righteous !

1Cants 22 May 07.jpg (179138 bytes)   2Cants 22 May 07.jpg (163520 bytes)   3Cants 22 May 07.jpg (156344 bytes)   4Cants 22 May 07.jpg (127772 bytes)   5Cants 22 May 07.jpg (165656 bytes)   6Cants 22 May 07.jpg (181053 bytes)


Blunts Mere & Cant's Mere

10th October 2006

After a couple of memorable trips to Blunts Mere with Tim & Dave over the last couple of weeks Trev thought he would slip back with Karen's Dad to clean up, it proved quite a challenge and both anglers found it hard to get a bite after Trev  caught a single Tench & a nice Surprise Crucian Carp both anglers decided to move into the first corner swim at Cant's Mere and caught loads of carp from the first cast the bigger carp fell to Halibut Pellets on the ledger, at one stage they had 3 fish on at the same time they only fished Cant's for 2 Hours and bagged up & Trev went home with back & arm ache.

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Tufnel Mere

15th September 2006

A hard day, 3 Carp caught all on paste the best 13.5lb

                                1Tuff Tuffers 15-09-06.jpg (106052 bytes)   3Tuff Tuffers 15-09-06.jpg (156906 bytes)   2Tuff Tuffers 15-09-06.jpg (57412 bytes)                                     

Cant's Mere

1st September 2006

 'A day to remember' we fished from 9-45am until 4-15pm and both caught fish from the first cast, the biggest fish fell to Tangerine Boilies very close in on the ledger,, notable best carp 1x14lb 2x12lb & several fish around the 9lb mark, we both went home with arms aching.

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Broads Green front Lake

14th June 2006

After 3 hours of no bites at Tufnel Mere a change to the Front lake did the trick.

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