Back In Time Trev's Memories

Apologies for the quality of some of the Pics as they have been taken from old Photo's...

Karen's Dad 6lb-8oz Tench Friars Oct 1995 opprox.jpg (56949 bytes)

2.5lb Tench aged 8yrs.jpg (27973 bytes)   23lb Pike Abberton 30th Nov 1978.jpg (40027 bytes)   Bream The Fenns Bocking.jpg (47535 bytes)   Catfish Florida 1994.jpg (36581 bytes)   Chub Pant Bocking.jpg (46421 bytes)   Jubilee Match Thaxted.jpg (48545 bytes)   Karens Dad 3lb plus perch Pant Bocking.jpg (37871 bytes)   Karens Dad 4lb plus Tench Straits Mill Bocking.jpg (31130 bytes)   Karens Dad Biggest Carp Wix.jpg (36935 bytes)   Karens Dad Malta.jpg (64872 bytes)   Karens Dad Windmill Lake.jpg (46444 bytes)   Karens Dad Wix.jpg (30951 bytes)   Ledgering Wroxham 1964.jpg (40470 bytes)   Little Eastern Rectory Ponds.jpg (58398 bytes)   Seabrooks Gt Leighs.jpg (46196 bytes)   Trevor & His Brother Wil Norfolk 1963.jpg (55361 bytes)   Wix The Early days.jpg (64956 bytes)   Carolyn & Peters First Fishing Trip Curries Lake Gt Leighs.jpg (59523 bytes)   Trevor Fall in Boat Norfolk 1972.jpg (33779 bytes)   Cyprus Dam Carp Fishing 2001.jpg (52582 bytes)   Karen Cyprus Dam 2001.jpg (47321 bytes)   Trevor Cyprus Dam 2001.jpg (59868 bytes)