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Certified Members: David Springett, Trevor Wilson 

& Tim Smith  


Tufnel Mere

18th October 2010

Trev & Dave were very apprehensive to try for Pike at this carp water but with all the hype that pike were stocked about 6 years ago we thought that we may as well try our luck , after Dave landed a nice carp on light float tackle his pike float shot off & Dave was into his first Tuffers Pike of 9lb-1oz he then followed this with a magnificent specimen of 14lb-3oz, & then another later in the day of about 9lbs,, Trev lost fish after 3 runs but then had a small pike of a few pounds. all in all a nice session with food for thought for the future....

1Tuffers 18th October 2010.jpg (157513 bytes)    2Tuffers 18th October 2010.jpg (153489 bytes)   14lb-3oz Tufnel Mere 18th Oct 2010.jpg (148022 bytes)  5Tuffers 18th October 2010.jpg (144895 bytes)  3Tuffers 18th October 2010.jpg (111118 bytes)   





River Stour Sudbury

15th October 2010

Trev went out at first light & had 2 runs & one Pike for about 8lbs on Roach Deadbait, the fish that got away was a much larger fish !!! This has been a rewarding week for Trev banking 6 pike,,

Friars 15th October 2010.jpg (148864 bytes)



River Stour Sudbury

14th October 2010

Trev popped down to his local swim for an early session after breakfast & landed a fighting fit pike of 10lb-13oz on bream deadbait, thanks to Karen for the photo,,,

10lb-13oz 14-10-2010.jpg (132371 bytes)




River Stour Liston & Rodbridge

13th October 2010

As the weather was overcast & looked tempting Trev headed out on a Reche at 7am to Dudds which is a new venue for Trev on the river Stour near Liston, On the very first cast Trev was soon into a nice Pike of about 9lbs & was then very optimistic of a good morning session the floats were nudging but no runs developing & on retrieving his bait saw a small Crayfish hanging on, the next cast brought another Red Signal Crayfish to the bank this time quite a sizeable one & after this every bait was taken by these alien creatures, Trev packed up & moved on to Rodbridge & fished the deep pool & managed a small Pike of a couple of pounds both pike on this trip took roach dead baits...

Dudds1.jpg (166718 bytes)   Dudds2.jpg (134113 bytes)   Dudds3.jpg (156092 bytes)   Dudds Crayfish.jpg (138690 bytes)   Rodbridge1.jpg (173629 bytes)   Rodbridge2.jpg (159474 bytes)



Wick mere Pike Match 2010

11th October2010

It was decided that The 2010 Pikers Club Match was to take place today & Trev laid to rest the many blanks that he had suffered in the past at this venue & took the Title this year & the Trophy, only 2 fish were landed both by Trev for a total weight of 17lb-14oz the best fish weighed 13lb exactly..

4lb-14oz.jpg (177050 bytes)  13lb Wick Mere 11th October 2010.jpg (194035 bytes)   The Presentation 2010.jpg (203079 bytes)

Boreham Mere  

7th October 2010

Today was the first outing for Trev & a mystery Guest to Boreham Mere this Season & Trev landed just one Pike of about 7lbs & had one other bite that dad not develop, still a pleasant day was had in the sunshine, another day is planned for Monday 11th October...

1Pike Boreham Mere.jpg (169491 bytes)


The River Stour & The River Chelmer 

Last try for a Twenty on Friday 12th & Sunday 14th March 2010

After a full day out on Piker 1 for Tim & Trev Yesterday,  Dave & Trev went out again on Piker 1 today ,this was the first outing for Dave since the Piker's Club Match on 1st February, six weeks without wetting a line (unimaginable for Tim & Trev).  Dave arrived at 6-20am in the rain no surprise there (note it was a sunny day yesterday) they loaded the boat with various baits and set off down the river for a hard days work trying to tempt old Pikey. Trev had a little Jack Pike of a few pounds & then at Exactly 5pm Dave struck into a lovely looking Pike of 5lb-11oz & that was it for the day. Meanwhile back in Ulting Tim was out on his own on the river Chelmer & through The Pikers Club Texting System he reported to Trev & Dave of the capture of an 11lb Pike & then another different fish of the same weight well done Tim,,,,The Twenty Pounder will have to wait till next season,,,,,, Sunday  14th March being the last day of the river fishing season Trev in Sudbury & Tim in Chelmsford had a last go on the rivers, Tim caught a little fellow of about 2lb & Trev went out for 4 hours in the morning without a bite but returned to the river again at 4pm & fished till dark he  managed 2 Pike one was about 4lbs & then another of 6lb-11oz to give a nice end to the season,,,,,,We now look forward to the Summer season...

5lb-11oz 12th march 2010.jpg (113550 bytes)   11lb Pike Chelmer Ulting.JPG (211838 bytes)   2nd 11lb Pike Chelmer ulting.JPG (261582 bytes)   6lb-11oz Pike 14th March 2010.jpg (270499 bytes)





River Stour Sudbury Thursday 11th March 2010

Tim & Trev were out again on Piker 1 today & had a nice day catching a few smaller Pike & then at the last minute at 5pm Tim struck into a Lovely Pike of 14lb-3oz caught on a small smelt this turned out to be his biggest Pike of the season (well done Tim) both Tim & Trev returned to the Quay Happy men,, Tomorrow Trev is out again with Dave in search of the monsters in the Stour !!!!

1 11th March 2010.jpg (131069 bytes)   2 11th March 2010.jpg (105285 bytes)   14lb-3oz 11th March 2010.jpg (123385 bytes)


River Stour Sudbury Friday 5th March 2010

Tim & Trev braved the cold weather & had a nice time out in the winter sunshine aboard Piker 1 , Trying their favourite swims throughout the day & managed 2 Pike  (one each) not monsters but very welcome after a very lean couple of months due to the terrible weather.,,,,,

1Piker One  5th March 2010.jpg (119521 bytes)   2Piker One  5th March 2010.jpg (171282 bytes)  3Piker One  5th March 2010.jpg (143972 bytes)



The Folly Boreham & River Chelmer Ulting

Friday 12th February 2010


Tim & Trev met at 7-15 am at the new lake (The Folly) at Boreham for a spot of Piking as club reports indicate there is a huge stock of Pike in the water, after 3 hours without a bite & enduring some heavy downpours of Rain. Sleet & Snow both anglers agreed to move to the river Chelmer & there they stayed for the rest of the day with only one run & one small fish that Trev had at 2-30pm,, this was a case of real dedication to the sport, but both Tim & Trev had a lovely day & can't wait to go again .


Dedication12th February 2010.jpg (354258 bytes)  small Pike 12th Feb 2010 Ulting.jpg (386882 bytes)


The River Stour Monday 8th February 2010

Trev Popped down to the river near to home & tried out a new spot he had not fished before, it was snowing hard for a while but Trev was rewarded with a Lovely Pike of 16lb-3oz caught on a Mackerel Tail, Thanks to Karen for Coming down in the freezing cold to take the Photo's.....

P2080003.jpg (174226 bytes)   P2080004.jpg (139766 bytes)   P2080005.jpg (195763 bytes)


The Piker's Club Annual Match 1st February 2010

The River Stour Sudbury

A last minute change of Venue had to be made due to Iced Lakes at Chelmsford which brought the club match back to Sudbury on the river ,, Tim Dave & Trev went into battle on a cold sunny day, the Draw was made & then Dave soon had his first Pike of the match which turned out to be a new Personal Best for him of 17lb-2oz (Well Done Dave) & this he Followed by another of 6lb-11oz, Neither Trev or Tim Caught fish this time but enjoyed the day & sharing in Dave's success 'The Piker's Club Trophy' was presented to Dave at the end of the Day & they all look forward to their next outing together....

1Piker's Club Match 1st Feb 2010.jpg (90913 bytes)   2Piker's Club Match 1st Feb 2010 17lb-2oz.jpg (188648 bytes)   3Piker's Club Match 1st Feb 2010 6lb-11oz.jpg (138697 bytes)   4Piker's Club Match 1st Feb 2010.jpg (79472 bytes)





River Stour Sudbury 29th January 2010

Tim & Trev took Piker 1 out on the Stour in wet windy snowy weather & managed to catch 4 Pike between them 3 to Tim & 1 to Trev & a couple of lost runs on Trev's rods, although not Monsters they were very welcome aboard considering the adverse weather, next trip is on Monday 1st Feb when the annual Pike Match takes place between Dave Tim & Trev, Watch this space to see the results....


1 29th Jan 2010.jpg (107262 bytes)   2 29th Jan 2010.jpg (137225 bytes)   3 29th Jan 2010.jpg (134640 bytes)   5 29th Jan 2010.jpg (93124 bytes)   7 29th Jan 2010.jpg (113965 bytes)   4 29th Jan 2010.jpg (94183 bytes)


River Stour Sudbury 20th January 2010

Trev paid a visit to the meadow at Sudbury for a couple of hours in cold Windy conditions & was rewarded with a nice Pike of 15lb-3oz together with its baby of about a pound,, both on Smelt.

15lb-3oz 20th January 2010.jpg (92615 bytes)   Small Pike 20th January 2010.jpg (163861 bytes)



River Chelmer & Wick Mere Friday 15th January 2010

After an early start trying to fish on the River Chelmer which was going into flood after the Thaw Trev & Dave Tried hard to get a bite to no avail but enjoyed a move to Wick Mere fishing on the only ice free part of the mere. They will be back soon hopefully with some Pikey Pics.

Chelmer Ulting 15 Jan 2010.jpg (174152 bytes)   Wick Mere 15th Jan 2010.jpg (92108 bytes)   P1150004.jpg (100246 bytes)




The River Chelmer 11th January 2010

Tim Braved the elements for a few hours on the snow covered banks of the Chelmer & was rewarded 

for his efforts with a nice little Pike in prime condition. He Who Dares Wins!

Backwate Chelmer Jan 10.JPG (188629 bytes)   Back water 2 Chelmer Jan 10.JPG (173466 bytes)   Deep bend Chelmer jan10.JPG (102404 bytes)   small, pike chelmer11 jan 10.JPG (210087 bytes)


The River Stour Sudbury

14th December 2009

Trev on an Early Monday Morning Session of Two Hours in Frosty Conditions.

Pc140009.jpg (123100 bytes)   Pc140013.jpg (160002 bytes)



The River Stour Sudbury

11th December 2009

After a long spell of windy wet weather Dave & Trev were Pleased to go out on the river on a calm Misty Morning with great hopes of a fair day's Piking, They had 6 runs between them & 3 fish Landed , Trev achieved a new Personal best River Pike of 17lb-5oz caught on smelt....& having the benefit of returning to the quay rain free was a bonus..

1 11thDecember 2009.jpg (75876 bytes)   2 11thDecember 2009.jpg (72032 bytes)  311thDecember 2009.jpg (124204 bytes)   17lb-5oz 11thDecember 2009.jpg (123895 bytes)   2nd Shot 17lb-5oz 11thDecember 2009.jpg (134291 bytes)




The River Stour Sudbury

23rd November 2009

Tim joined Trev for his first trip out on Piker 1 since March this year, unfortunately the weather turned very wet & Windy at Times & Tim & Trev endured some terrific downpours , this still did not deter them & they managed to catch 3 Pike between them Biggest to Trev at 12lb-7oz which was in superb condition, on a small smelt dead bait.


Pb230014.jpg (107642 bytes)




The River Stour Sudbury

16th November 2009

The weather was very stormy first thing & most sane people would not contemplate a trip out today but Trev & Dave were determined  to give it a go & between them they boated 8 Pike Best fish 13lb & Trev lost a really heavy fish at the net so was it worth it ? you bet it was ! He Who Dares ect......................

1 16th November 2009.jpg (122554 bytes)   2 16th November 2009.jpg (101542 bytes)   3 16th November 2009.jpg (120683 bytes)   4 16th November 2009.jpg (147773 bytes)   

5 16th November 2009.jpg (150501 bytes)   6 16th November 2009.jpg (108912 bytes)   7 16th November 2009.jpg (112922 bytes)





River Stour Sudbury

11th November 2009


A Brace of Pike Caught by Trev within 30 Seconds of each other both on tiny smelt baits at 7-15am....

Brace of Pike 11th Nov 09.JPG (120010 bytes)

River Stour Sudbury

8th November 2009

Trev had a Couple of hours this morning & picked up this nice little Pike at 7-30am on a tiny smelt....

11lb 8th Nov 2009.jpg (128770 bytes)



Ulting & Local Lake Chelmsford

6th November 2009

Trev & Dave had a short session on the river for a couple of hours & the rest of the day on the lake ,,Trev had a nice looking Pike of 10lb-2oz from the river & Dave had a 10lb-3oz Pike from the lake Trev used smelt & Dave Bluey Tail...


10lb-2oz Pike 6th Nov 2009.jpg (154397 bytes)   10lb-3oz Pike 6th Nov 2009.jpg (200370 bytes)




Local Chelmsford Lake 

25thOctober 2009


TimManaged to oversleep today so did not get to Lake until 6:15am!!

However at 8 am he had his first Pike of the session around 9lb on mackerel tail in margins, at 8:30 thought he may try a move, but changed his mind.

9am Bluey tail at 60yds taken on the drop by a small Jack about 5lbs.

9:30  another around 7lb Herring in Margins, 10 am another at 13lbs 2oz on herring in the margins.

Not a bad few hours for a Sunday Morning after all!!

Sunrise-2 Wicks 25th oct 09.JPG (160906 bytes)   Sunrise Wicks 25th oct 09.JPG (104771 bytes)

9lbs Wicks 25 oct 09.JPG (169176 bytes)   13lbs 2oz Wicks 25 oct 09.JPG (169109 bytes)   Jack Wicks 25 oct 09.JPG (176270 bytes)  

The Stour Sudbury 23rd October 2009

An Early Morning Session Produced this Superb 13lb-6oz Pike

Thanks to Karen for popping down to take the Photo's

13lb-6oz 23-10-20092.jpg (161660 bytes)   13lb-6oz 23-10-20093.jpg (166502 bytes)


Boreham Mere 19th October 2009

This was the first trip out Piking together for Trev & Tim of the new Pike season, both anglers arrived at the fishery gate at 6-50am,, neither had much sleep as the prospects for Piking looked very good, after a short while Trev had a pike on but lost it, a cast out again & another run this time it smashed him up,, a little later Trev had the first fish of the day safely banked,, Tim followed with a another on Mackerel Tail & another better fish on a small live bait,, no more after that , best baits of the day smelt & Mackerel Tail,,,,Trev fed the wild cats of Boreham that arrived during the day & they seemed very grateful....

Pa190001.jpg (148627 bytes)   Pa190003.jpg (113093 bytes)   Pa190004.jpg (208250 bytes)   Pa190006.jpg (121778 bytes)   Pa190008.jpg (125490 bytes)   Pa190009.jpg (161153 bytes)





The River Chelmer Ulting 

& Cant's Mere March 9th 2009

As the river fishing season nears it's end Tim & Trev Decided to Pike fish in the morning today & Carp fish in the afternoon so this report is a combination of the two .. Trev & Tim met at the car park at 6-50am sharp loaded up the Pike gear & headed for one of their favorite spots, after fishing for quite some time & no bites it was a nice surprise that Trev landed a Jack Pike of about 3lbs, at 12pm it was off to cant's for a bit of carping on the float rods, straight away both anglers were into some nice carp & this continued until they left the water at 5pm, it proved the right decision to go to Cant's which was a lively session to say the least, both Tim & Trev suffered the heavy rain at times & look forward to the new season in a few weeks time...Gardening Awaits in the meantime...

Jack Ulting 10th March 2009.jpg (123996 bytes)   1Can'ts Mere 10th March 2009.jpg (122823 bytes)   2Can'ts Mere 10th March 2009.jpg (145652 bytes)   3Can'ts Mere 10th March 2009.jpg (133507 bytes)   4Can'ts Mere 10th March 2009.jpg (139830 bytes)



Sudbury River Stour

Friday 6th March 2009

Tim & Trev made an Early start aboard Piker 1 & headed off to search for the Monster Pike in the river. Tim Landed a lovely Pike of 15lb-9oz which turned out to be a new Personal best for him from the River, they traveled downstream trying out some new spots,, Trev had a smaller pike of about 4 lbs during the Session & another of about 8lbs,,,, at the end of the day Trev landed a new Personal best Croc Headed Pike of 16lbs-8oz, as the river season comes to an end very soon Tim & Trev planned their next outing for Tuesday 10th March in the Chelmsford area to have a Pike & Carp session to round off what has been a memorable season....

Tim PB 15lb-9oz 6th March 2009.jpg (115106 bytes)   Trev 4lb Down the Middle 6th March 2009.jpg (115856 bytes)   In the Lock 6th March 2009.jpg (125587 bytes)   Trev 8lb estimate 6th March 2009.jpg (133464 bytes)  

 Trev PB 16b-8oz 6th March 2009.jpg (116078 bytes)



Sudbury River Stour 

The Piker's Club Match 

27th February 2009

This was the Piker's club re-match  from Nov 2008 as we all failed to catch on that day,, Today Tim landed a super Pike of 12lb-6oz & took the lead for a couple of hours then Trev had a nice fish of 14lb this mean't the competition was back on , Dave also had a beauty of 11lb-8oz , we fished till 5pm & Trev won this time & was presented with a superb Trophy supplied by last years winner Dave.


The Trophy Pike Match 2009.jpg (22693 bytes)   Dave 11lb-8oz Pike Match 2009.jpg (128909 bytes)   Winning Pike 14lb 27-02-09.jpg (160856 bytes)   The Pike Match Presentation 2009.jpg (79891 bytes)



The River Stour Sudbury

26th February 2009

Dave & Trev were aboard Piker 1 for another trip seeking out new spots to fish on the river, after a quick session at their favorite swim they tried out several new area's with some success with the smaller pike in the river,, Later in the day a move to a deep spot & a change of baits secured 4 more Pike notable specimens of 15lb-8oz for Trev a couple of good doubles for Dave & a new Personal best river pike for Trev of 16lb-4oz,,

1 Piker1 26-02-09.jpg (123482 bytes)   2 Piker1 26-02-09.jpg (135514 bytes)   3Piker1 26-02-09.jpg (75204 bytes)   4Piker1 26-02-09.jpg (111919 bytes)

5Piker1 26-02-09.jpg (95327 bytes)   16lb-4oz 26-02-09.jpg (92436 bytes)


The River Stour

21st January 2009

Tim joined Trev for a trip aboard Piker 1 they found that the overnight frost had put an ice covering over the river at the Quay but that did not stop the two excited anglers , On arrival at the first swim Trev hit a nice Pike of around 10lbs on his very first cast  on smelt & then another followed shortly afterwards,, these two fish turned out to be the only ones of the day although Tim hooked & lost three decent Pike .. Hard luck Tim but better luck next trip at Wick Mere next week.... 

121st Jan 09.jpg (59423 bytes)   321st Jan 09.jpg (77086 bytes)   221st Jan 09.jpg (64398 bytes)   421st Jan 09.jpg (66197 bytes)



The River Stour

14th January 2009

This was the first trip for Trev & Dave this year & they were both oozing with enthusiasm, the river had frozen over at the Quay overnight & Trev & Dave were determined to get afloat on Piker 1,  they broke the ice with a garden hoe & moved slowly through the ice bergs to the main river where it was free of ice.  After a short run down to Cornard Lock they went on a journey that was memorable both in the achievement of first timers through the lock & the excellent sport they found with the Pike, 8 fish were safely landed on board & a lovely sunny morning made everything worthwhile,,, Trev also hooked & landed a specimen lump of metal which broke his rod in half.... in the afternoon they headed back upstream & Trev had another good Pike to round off the day, best baits were Smelt...

114th Jan 09.jpg (57464 bytes)   214th Jan 09.jpg (71061 bytes)   314th Jan 09.jpg (65362 bytes)   1lock.jpg (98306 bytes)   2 Lock.jpg (104130 bytes)   414th Jan 09.jpg (133298 bytes)   514th Jan 09.jpg (151002 bytes)   614th Jan 09.jpg (95421 bytes)   714th Jan 09.jpg (106265 bytes)   814th Jan 09.jpg (122491 bytes)   914th Jan 09.jpg (119806 bytes)   1014th Jan 09.jpg (133006 bytes)   1114th Jan 09.jpg (131364 bytes)   1214th Jan 09.jpg (148989 bytes)   1314th Jan 09.jpg (154410 bytes)   1414th Jan 09.jpg (124725 bytes)   1514th Jan 09.jpg (157044 bytes)   3 Lock.jpg (108122 bytes)   4 Lock.jpg (104543 bytes)   1614th Jan 09.jpg (124596 bytes)   




Christmas Eve 2008

Out On The River at Sudbury

A last minute decision & Trev took Piker 1 out & Managed to land 5 Pike he also took  3 Pics of some using the self timer on the camera 4 fish on smelt & 1 on Bluey Tail..

1Xmas Eve 2008.jpg (135646 bytes)   2Xmas Eve 2008.jpg (175309 bytes)   3Xmas Eve 2008.jpg (171785 bytes)


Suffolk Stour Sudbury

Monday 15th December 2008

Today Trev & Tim met before first Light at the Quay for their second trip together aboard Piker 1, the river was still in flood from heavy rain a couple of days ago, although the water was starting to fine down, due to the heavy flow it was difficult to find a spot to fish. Tim had a fish on at about 8am and it appeared a good Pike but it slipped the hooks out,, at 3pm Trev Managed to land his first Piker 1 Pike of about 9lbs on smelt, although the conditions were not Ideal both anglers had a nice day on the river & will be back again soon seeking the Big Stour Pike...


Pea Souper.jpg (152254 bytes)   Trevs First Piker 1 Pike.jpg (118885 bytes)   2Trevs First Piker 1 Pike.jpg (152980 bytes)



Boreham Mere Monday

1st December 2008


Tim & Trev arrived at 7am, the weather was predicted to be cold with a north east wind blowing just the stuff for 2 Iron men Piking, the going was tough no pikey bites until 2pm when Trev landed a nice little Pike it was very welcome after such a long wait, Tim caught a few Roach & a Perch  on his pole but no pike, he then had a nice run & he hooked up but lost it, but as the darkness was closing in Tim had a very nice Pike to finish the day off, throughout the day they were feeding the wild cats & Dr Doolittle Trev tamed two that sat on his lap , a very pleasant day,, baits that caught were Herring & Sardine.....

1Borehan Mere 01-12-08.jpg (153221 bytes)   2Borehan Mere 01-12-08.jpg (196040 bytes)   3Borehan Mere 01-12-08.jpg (105682 bytes)   5Borehan Mere 01-12-08.jpg (112437 bytes)


River Stour Sudbury

24th November 2008

Trev & Tim made an early start aboard Piker 1 , this was Tim's first trip on the boat, they headed for a quiet stretch of river & within a short while Tim was into his first Pike a fish of about 10lbs on a Bluey Head, Trev had a small pike follow his retrieved smelt bait but the pike swam away laughing at him,, later in the day Trev had a good run but the Pike estimated to be a Biggie dropped off near the net,, Tim cast out a Bluey Tail  & landed a Beauty of 12lb-12oz which was Tim's best River Pike ever ( Well Done Tim) Trev is still waiting for his first Pike aboard Piker 1 & will be afloat again soon in search of The River Stour Monsters ..............

1Tim Piker 1 24-11-08.jpg (95246 bytes)   Tim 's 12lb-12oz Personal Best River Pike.jpg (148797 bytes)


Ulting & Wick Mere 

21st November 2008


Trev & Dave met at the car park at 6-45am for an early start with the  prospect of snow showers later in the day & strong northerly winds, as soon as Trev made his first cast he was into his first Pike of about 4lbs and apart from another larger Pike falling off near to the bank that was it for Trev,, Dave had a really tough time with no bites all day until he had a premonition at 3pm that a change of bait to Bluey head and a cast to the far bank may change his luck & almost instantly struck into a 15lb-5oz Beauty that turned out to be his biggest river Pike ever ( his previous best was 12lb-8oz from the river stour Sudbury 1st Dec 2006) well done Dave for a first class achievement,,,, 

1Ulting 21-11-08.jpg (114516 bytes)   2Ulting 21-11-08.jpg (166458 bytes)   3Ulting 21-11-08.jpg (157398 bytes)


On Board Piker 1 The River Stour 

7th November 2008

Dave & Trev set sail at 7am Sharp on this their first piking trip on Piker 1. the weather was rain as usual but within a few minutes of dropping Anchor Dave was into his first Pike on smelt, and followed it with a further four fish , the best one of the day went 12lb (well Done Dave) although Trev didn't catch this time he was pleased to see Dave Bag up on the boat,,,,

1 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (109103 bytes)   2 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (95778 bytes)   3 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (109283 bytes)   4 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (102190 bytes)   5 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (126022 bytes)

6 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (131309 bytes)   7 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (129581 bytes)   8 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (145305 bytes)   9 On Board Piker 1 07-11-08.jpg (221212 bytes)



The Pikers Club Match 2008

We arrived at 6-30am and were all oozing with enthusiasm & Hope that The Trophy would be won,, below are the only pictures taken as there was not a bite on any rod during the match, we still enjoyed each others company & plan for a rematch very soon maybe on a river !

2The Piker's Club Match 2008.jpg (110592 bytes)   1The Piker's Club Match 2008.jpg (254368 bytes)   Mussel Tree.jpg (94357 bytes)    


Boreham Mere 8th October 2008

This was the first outing of the new Piking season for the Pikers Club for Tim & Trev & although the weather & Mere looked perfect we struggled to get bites , in fact Trev fished for about 11 Hours without a bite , Tim managed to catch 1 Pike of about 7 pounds & some nice Roach on the pole,, well done Tim on a really hard day...

1Boreham Mere 8th October 2008.jpg (119956 bytes)   2Boreham Mere 8th October 2008.jpg (178473 bytes)


River Chelmer Ulting & Wick Mere 

14th March 2008

Trev & Dave met at the car park at 6-20am for an early start,  the weather was perfect for a change, Dave was eager to get his string pulled but it was not to be,, Trev had the only Pike of the day from the river session in the morning a fish of 9lb-4oz on smelt, they moved onto Wick Mere at 11-30am & fished till 6pm with not a bite in sight although a few pike were seen in the shallows in front of them but they were not biting today,,, an angler sitting next to Dave landed a carp of 15lb & a nice Bream of about 5lb photo below, This is the last Piking outing probably until next October,, next fishing trip will be after the Carp with Trev & Dave seaching for that Twenty Pounder, will it happen! wait and see...

1Ulting Church 14-03-2008.jpg (134374 bytes)   9lb-4oz Pike Ulting Church 14-03-2008.jpg (165030 bytes)   close up 9lb-4oz Pike Ulting Church 14-03-2008.jpg (183710 bytes)   1Wick Mere14-03-2008.jpg (65747 bytes)   Waiting for a bite Wick Mere 14-03-08.jpg (197261 bytes)

4Wick Mere14-03-2008.jpg (107977 bytes)


A Stormy Day At Sudbury

Monday 10th March 2008

Today Dave, Steve, Trev & Tim braved the elements & survived storm force winds & rain to have a last session all together this Piking season ,, they were certainly up against it, Trev had a screaming run & missed it , Steve had a pike on & lost it Tim had one run & missed it , But then he caught the only fish of the session a Beauty of 11lb-10oz on his famous Bluey Kebab Rig,, Dave & Steve went home early due to the severe weather & Trev & Tim followed 90 minutes later....Dave & Trev are now looking forward to Friday for another session with hope in their hearts !!!

Pikers Club outing in the Storm Sudbury 10th Mach 2008.jpg (148246 bytes)   11llb-4oz pike Tim Pikers Club outing in the Storm Sudbury 10th Mach 2008.jpg (207398 bytes)   Close up 11llb-4oz pike Tim Pikers Club outing in the Storm Sudbury 10th Mach 2008.jpg (195864 bytes)   




The River Chelmer at Ulting Church

Tuesday 4th March 2008

Tim & Trev decided that after a trip away at Sudbury yesterday they would fish the local river & it paid off, Trev got stuck into the first Pike within minutes of casting out, a nice looking fish of 8lb-15oz,, Tim responded with another of 9lb-12oz & then Trev had a double of 10lb-4oz,, the bites just kept coming for a couple of hours & then dried up until about 5pm when Tim had the last pike of the day,, all the fish were caught on Smelts,, the weather was gale force wind but fortunately was blowing from the North west behind them & a Rainbow to the east...

1Ulting 4th March 2008.jpg (179138 bytes)   2Ulting 4th March 2008.jpg (175550 bytes)   3Ulting 4th March 2008.jpg (167639 bytes)   4Ulting 4th March 2008.jpg (125504 bytes)  Rainbow Ulting 4th March 08.jpg (221002 bytes)



The River Stour Sudbury 

Monday 3rd March 2008

Today Trev & Tim went off to their favorite Piking venue & arrived about 7am, they decided to try a new spot that they had looked at many times near the Main Road Bridge, after parking the car & a walk along the old railway line they set up their rods & had about one hours fishing when some workmen for the Environment Agency told them to move as they were going to dredge the backwater, just their luck ! anyway Tim had a nice couple of runs on but didn't connect with Mr Pike so they packed the gear & sped off back to the main river for the rest of the day. Tim ended the day with 2 new personal best river pike (well done Tim) of  11lb-6oz & 12lb-13oz. Trev had to be satisfied catching a couple of Jack Pike to 4lb, they fished until 6pm,, Best baits Smelt.

1Sudders 3rd March 2008.jpg (150734 bytes)   2Sudders 3rd March 2008.jpg (112674 bytes)   3Sudders 3rd March 2008.jpg (196012 bytes)   4Sudders 3rd March 2008.jpg (194599 bytes)   5Sudders 3rd March 2008.jpg (144889 bytes)

7Sudders 3rd March 2008.jpg (135662 bytes)   8Sudders 3rd March 2008.jpg (110676 bytes)




Thurrock  Lakeside 

Friday 22nd February 2008

Today Trev & Dave took  a boat out from the quay at Lakeside in search of the Monster Pike that are supposed to reside in the Depths of this 22 acre Lake. After a couple of hours afloat Dave hooked & landed a new PBB (Personal Best Bag) as it was of quite an age we could not determine the species, but we think it was either a Debenhams or Marks & Spencer MK 1 pre decimal,, after seeing a few more great white bags blow into the lake the future looks good for a new PBB next trip here,, we are Joking, we think this will be the first & last trip ,,, Trev & Dave had 2 bites all day between them & a few Laughs,,,, we are looking forward to going home to Cants Mere on Monday to get our strings seriously pulled  ( we hope)....

1Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (88064 bytes)   2Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (114298 bytes)   3Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (141946 bytes)   4Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (92846 bytes)   5Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (64431 bytes)   

Lakeside fishing trip 003.jpg (40614 bytes)   6Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (103334 bytes)   7The Catch Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (93494 bytes)   8 Row Row Row Your Boat Lakeside 22-02-08.jpg (113653 bytes)



Boreham Mere 

Monday 4th February 2008

Tim & Trev had a very nice day in the winter sunshine on Boreham Mere, Tim Caught 4 fish including a 5lb-11oz Pike on Bluey Tail, he also tried out his new pole & caught a nice Perch of about 8ozs & a couple of small Roach, Trev Blanked but enjoyed the day feeding the wild Cats of Boreham Mere & making friends with them.....


1Boreham Mere 04-02-08.jpg (159251 bytes)   2Boreham Mere 04-02-08.jpg (119087 bytes)   3Boreham Mere 04-02-08.jpg (112870 bytes)   4Boreham Mere 04-02-08.jpg (113793 bytes)   5Boreham Mere 04-02-08.jpg (131840 bytes)




River Stour Sudbury 

Friday 1st February 2008

Trev Dave & Tim were pleased that Steve (Dave's Son) was able to join us today with the prospect of becoming a new member to this exclusive Club,,, Hopes for a good day's piking were high although the weather forecast was for Wind Sleet & possibly Snow by the afternoon, still the boys were all togged up to cope with whatever was thrown at them,,, It turned out to be a Sunny day although very windy, Steve was soon into his first Pike a Beauty of 8lb-5oz & which turned out to be the best fish of the day (beginners luck ,,or good tuition from his Dad ?) Trev caught as you will see from the photo probably the smallest pike in the river, (Dave insisted on taking the snap),, Trev also had a slightly bigger one later in the day.  Steve had another smaller pike during the session but Dave & Tim struggled to get a run,, we will be back again soon for another crack at the biggies,, Finally well done Steve on your excellent start to Piking, it won't be long before you catch that double & qualify as a certified member of the club....until then you are always welcome to join us as a guest..

1sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (112624 bytes)   2sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (140876 bytes)   3sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (128024 bytes)   4sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (134315 bytes)   5sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (159801 bytes)

6sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (189565 bytes)   7sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (113752 bytes)   8sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (121358 bytes)   

9sudbury 01-02-2008.jpg (132921 bytes)



River Stour Sudbury 

Friday 11th January 2008

Tim & Trev braved the horrendous weather, the rain fell for most of the day,, but as they are made of steel they fished through it regardless,, After a short while Trev had a small pike of about 4lb also a small jack of about 3lb, Tim had a run on the pike rod & lost it, then he decided to go on the pole for silver fish, he used bread on the hook with some liquidized bread as groundbait & caught some quality roach every cast he also landed a small pike also caught on the pole on bread !  Best Pike of the day fell to Trev's Rod at 12lb-4oz which made the day well worth while for him,, Smelt was the successful bait...

12lb-4oz Friars 4mph 11th Jan 2008.jpg (139113 bytes)   Tim Sudbury11th Jan 2008.jpg (136748 bytes)



 River Stour Sudbury

Monday 17th December 2007

Trev & Dave arrived at first light to make the most of the now shorter daylight hours & they were anticipating a good days Piking due to the river in perfect condition, straight away Dave was into his first fish about 4lbs & then another that got off before banking, Dave caught one more small jack, &Trev struggled with a Dog that run off with his pikers glove & his owner said he had never done that before!  after a few good takes and Trev missing them he managed a small pike of about 3lbs. smelt was the bait. Thanks to Karen & Gill for the Mince Pies....

Before Light.jpg (61790 bytes)   1Sudders 17th December 2007.jpg (79443 bytes)   3Sudders 17th December 2007.jpg (129594 bytes)   The Pillbox Swim Sudders 17th December 2007.jpg (88462 bytes)   A Pikey dream.jpg (36436 bytes)  

 sunrise on the Stour.jpg (35390 bytes)   Sunrise 2Sudders 17th December 2007.jpg (84820 bytes)

Wick Mere 11th December 2007

After a fruitless day yesterday fishing on his own in severe wind Tim was back again at Wicks to try for the big Pike,, Both Trev & Tim had caught nothing until 3pm when Tim's luck changed & he landed a new personal best of 16lb-11oz & within 1 hour he had another new pb of 17lb-5oz,,Well Done Tim on a magnificent achievement and a new record for the Pikers Club, a twenty is on the cards soon, both fish were caught on the same Bluey Tail, Trev didn't catch this time but was cheered up by seeing Tim's Fish & taking a nice photo of a Robin taking Flight from his rod (see wildlife page).

Tim 16lb-11oz Wick Mere 11-12-07.jpg (155506 bytes)   Tim 17lb-05oz Wick Mere 11-12-07.jpg (113726 bytes)   17lb-5oz Scary Stuff.jpg (135823 bytes)


Friars Meadow The River Stour Sudbury

Tuesday 4th December 2007

Tim & his friend Martin arrived at 7:45am &  fished the tree swim in Friars Meadow, Tim had a small jack pike take a smelt on the drop but it came off. They moved to the pill box swims with Martin fishing opposite the small back water just past the pill box. Tim had another run but missed it but he thought it to be small, Martin then had a take and landed a fish at 7lbs 6oz  on  legered  herring. (one to note) . That was it for the rest of the day. The Bailiff turned up at about 3:30pm.  He said biggest he had this year was around 13lb and that some chaps had had a couple out down stream of us in the wooded area . He mentioned that the river was good for Tench and confirmed the backwater was good. He also said there are some good carp in the river. Biggest Pike he has heard of was 24lb and he also mentioned the spot by the main bridge known as 'The Water Works area', he says the Roach shoal up there and in his words the Pike come in under the rod tip. Dave and Trev will try this spot out soon !

1Martin Sudbury 4th December 2007.jpg (102107 bytes)   2Martin Sudbury 4th December 2007.jpg (124826 bytes)   3Martin Sudbury 4th December 2007.jpg (135874 bytes)


Friars Meadow The River Stour Sudbury

Monday 3rd December 2007

Tim & Trev arrived at the riverbank at first light & fished until dark.. Tim got stuck into a nice Pike to start off the day followed by a bigger fish that put up quite a fight but unfortunately his line snapped & he lost the fish,, Trev had 2 more on the bank  & lost a small Jack  at the net, they moved about a fair bit trying out the favorite swims & apart from a couple more missed runs the total was three fish, but they enjoyed the challenging day so much so Tim is returning tomorrow for another session with his friend,, best baits Smelt.

1Friars Meadow Sudbury 03-12-07.jpg (150991 bytes)   3Friars Meadow Sudbury 03-12-07.jpg (140651 bytes)   4Friars Meadow Sudbury 03-12-07.jpg (148920 bytes)

Friars Meadow The River Stour Sudbury Wednesday 28th November 2007

Trev had a few hours fishing only one swim in the meadow while Karen went to the shops,, and the weather was dry & overcast  &   it proved a day to remember,, Trev caught 6Pike to about 10lb & lost a couple more including a biggy, as it was difficult to take photo's on his own Trev only managed one self portrait with one of the pike the rest is a  memory.. All fish came to Smelt on one rod , the second rod was baited with various other baits such as bluey's & sardines but with no success...

1Sudbury 28-11-07.jpg (138520 bytes)   2Sudbury 28-11-07.jpg (154886 bytes)   3Sudbury 28-11-07.jpg (138151 bytes)   4Sudbury 28-11-07.jpg (126633 bytes)



The Pikers Club Match Wick Mere Monday 19th November 2007

We all met in the car park at 7am, Dave was the first to arrive, he was on a mission, as the rain stopped we set off to the Mere & the draw was made & our swims allocated,, after a short while Trev landed a Pike of 5lb-10oz and this put him in the lead until 1-15pm when Dave landed a lovely Pike of 13lb exactly & a new personal best , nothing more was caught until Dave struck into another personal best that tipped the scales at 15lb-8oz, , as the Match was for the heaviest Pike Dave won the match & was presented with a beer mug to mark the occasion 'Well Done Dave',,,, we all had a great time & will be back next year for a rematch.. best bait Bluey's & Sardines

1Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (126010 bytes)   2Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (173200 bytes)   3Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (166416 bytes)   4Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (159560 bytes)   5Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (134976 bytes) 

6Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (157382 bytes)   7Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (131581 bytes)   8Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (121667 bytes)   9Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (119108 bytes)  10Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (130609 bytes) 

The Presentation Pikers Club Match 19-11-07.jpg (111875 bytes)      



River Stour at Sudbury 14th November 2007

Tim & Trev made an early start & tried out an old favorite haunt that Trev had been in years gone by at Picnic Place Foxearth & after a couple of hours with no action they headed back to Friars Meadow in the center of Sudbury.. both caught Pike of 7lbs - 10oz & the best fish came to Trev at 12lb - 2oz,, baits were smelt & the new wonder bait Blueys....Total catch Six fish between them.

1Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (156718 bytes)   2Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (156636 bytes)   3Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (123233 bytes)   4Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (153532 bytes) 

 5Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (154120 bytes)   6Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (191510 bytes)   7Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (163983 bytes)   8Sudbury 14-11-07.jpg (95952 bytes)


River ChelmerLittle Waltham under road bridge Monday 12th November 2007

Trev went on a Reche with his pike rod to see if the river was fishable & after a long walk through thick nettles & very little depth of water he decided to go back to the road bridge & cast a smelt under the bridge & hooked a small Jack Pike, as there were no further takes he drove off for a couple of hours on the Chelmer at Broomfield, he saw a big Pike but she was not taking his bait. nice little trip in the winter sunshine..9am - 12noon

Chelmer Lt Waltham 12-11-07.jpg (139122 bytes)   1Chelmer Lt Waltham 12-11-07.jpg (89210 bytes)   2Chelmer Lt Waltham 12-11-07.jpg (135702 bytes)


Wick Mere & Ulting Church Friday 9th November 2007

Trev & Dave made an early start & within 15 minutes Dave had what was to be the only fish of the day a nice Pike estimated at 12lbs on sardine, they moved at 12 noon to the river due to gale force winds, this proved unproductive & Trev gave up & was caught napping by Dave, still a lovely day & we will be back out again soon to try again..

1Wick Mere 09-11-07.jpg (114907 bytes)   2Wick Mere 09-11-07.jpg (116099 bytes)   Ulting 09-11-07.jpg (225626 bytes)   9.11.07 003.jpg (73503 bytes)


Silver End Front Pit Monday 5th November 2007

Due to the calm dry weather & Trev determined to catch a Pike he went to Silver End on his own to try to break the no fish spell that he appeared to be under & after a couple of hours he had success with a nice fish of about 7lbs on Sardine,, he fished from 7-45am till 12 noon,, a nice little session, this should put him in good stead to tackle the biggies (fingers Crossed) at Wick Mere  on Friday with Dave....

Silver End The Swim 5th Nov 07.jpg (139625 bytes)   Silver End Pike.jpg (199198 bytes)   Silver End The other Swim 5th Nov 07.jpg (105928 bytes)


River Stour at Sudbury 30th October 2007

We made an  early start arriving at Sudbury at 7-15am Trev & Dave were full of Enthusiasm,,, this was the first time Dave had seen this part of the river that they were about to fish, he seemed pleased with the prospect of a dry fine day ahead and maybe a fish or two, the sun shone on Dave & he caught 4 Pike to about 9lbs using smelts for bait, Trev just watched & took the photo's as he had the day before with Tim.....

1Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (131246 bytes)   2Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (153489 bytes)   Sudbury 30.10.07 001.jpg (43831 bytes)   Sudbury 30.10.07 002.jpg (62092 bytes)   Sudbury 30.10.07 003.jpg (65372 bytes)   Sudbury 30.10.07 004.jpg (67728 bytes)

3Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (133908 bytes)   4Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (172002 bytes)   5Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (139325 bytes)   Sudbury 30.10.07 006.jpg (59883 bytes)   7Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (127922 bytes)

6Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (136828 bytes)   8Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (54848 bytes)   9Sudbury 30-10-07.jpg (86618 bytes)


Wick Mere Monday 29th October 2007

This was Trev's 4th trip to Wick Mere & Tim's second,, This time it turned out to be Tim's Day with 5 Doubles & a new Personal Best Pike of 14lb-3oz Well Done Tim! We started fishing at about 8-15am and on the first cast Trev Hooked into a Big Pike that pulled free before he could land it, later in the day he lost another , this was not his day this time and full credit to Tim on a superb Catch , best baits were Sardine & Bluey's a new wonder bait of Tim's...

1Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (161381 bytes)   2Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (155877 bytes)   3Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (172639 bytes)   4Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (198303 bytes)   5Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (119762 bytes)

6Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (163329 bytes)   7Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (143936 bytes)   8Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (91952 bytes)   9Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (125780 bytes)   Robin Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (65237 bytes)   

Trev's Swim Wick Mere 29th October 2007.jpg (72809 bytes)

The River Chelmer Downstream From How Mill 

24th October Pics Taken on a Reche by Trev,,

1Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (139391 bytes)   2Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (172030 bytes)   3Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (184854 bytes)   4Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (160409 bytes)   5Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (140222 bytes)

6Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (118037 bytes)   7Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (108166 bytes)   8Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (113756 bytes)   9Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (94782 bytes)   10Downstream How Mill 24-10-2007.jpg (135634 bytes)


The River Chelmer Ulting on 21st October 2007, Photo's taken by Tim,, 

The Pike will be coming soon.....!

   Ulting Church Swims1.jpg (125355 bytes)   Ulting Church Swims2.jpg (119075 bytes)

River Chelmer Ulting 

14th March 2007

Due to Tim having driven over 400 miles yesterday on work commitments it was doubtful that he would make it today, but as a true professional he joined Trev at 9am for a go at the Pike just as he turned up Trev had the biggest fish of the session at 9lb-2oz followed by a couple of smaller ones, Tim unfortunately did not catch on this occasion although last time on this stretch of water he had 2 fish & Trev blanked still a nice session & lovely weather, due to this being the last day of the season for The Chelmsford Club it was a quick change of tackle & off to Cant's Mere Carping for the rest of the day......(see report Trev's fishing trips with Tim to see what happened at Cant's Mere)

1Ulting Church 14-03-07.jpg (136325 bytes)   2Ulting Church 14-03-07.jpg (174512 bytes)   3Ulting Church 14-03-07.jpg (210364 bytes)   


Sudbury New Swims

 12th March 2007

Tim & Trev made an early start as the weather forecast was very good after a little frost, After Trev did a reche the day before new swims were discovered on a section of river that both anglers had not seen before, without seeming too enthusiastic the future looks good for next pike season, sorry goes to Dave who missed out on this new location due to Holidaying in the Caribbean but no doubt he will want to tackle the 20 s that have been caught there this season, on this occasion Tim & Trev had loads of runs but only managed 2 fish each, Tim claiming the largest Pike caught on his Kebab Rig.

1The Secret Swim Sudbury.jpg (328937 bytes)   2The Secret Swim Sudbury.jpg (246408 bytes)   3The Secret Swim Sudbury.jpg (68360 bytes)   4The Secret Swim Sudbury.jpg (166733 bytes)


Sudbury 'The Boat Yards' 

26th February 2007

Trev & Tim arrived at the river Stour at 7am for an early start with the intention to catch the bigger Pike that lurk beneath the surface of this Magnificent river,, but alas they found it in full flood after recent heavy rain & Tim & Trev decided to fish the back waters out of the raging currents,  Tim was soon pulling in several nice Roach, Perch & a Bream but no pike to be seen,, at lunch time a move to the Boat yard proved worthwhile for some better quality fish mainly Roach & Perch with the only Pike being caught by Trev on a maggot see the picture of this monster below !

1Sudders 26-02-07.jpg (200037 bytes)   2Sudders 26-02-07.jpg (182480 bytes)   3Sudders 26-02-07.jpg (168398 bytes)   4Sudders 26-02-07.jpg (177862 bytes)   The Future Generation 26-02-07.jpg (175359 bytes)


Sudbury River Stour 17th February 2007

The Sun Shone on the Righteous!

Dave arrived at Trev's at 6-20am & the anglers arrived at Sudbury at 7-ooam they fished from 7-30 until 4-45pm, The weather prospects were good after a fair amount of rain earlier in the week & it was feared that the river may have been in flood but the river was in perfect condition with little flow, the fishing was a little slow but both caught fish, Dave had a nice pike of about 9lb & then soon after Trev had a fish of 13lb-12oz, both pike were caught on smelt. Unfortunately due to Dave's work & forthcoming holiday this will probably be his last trip out Piking this season,

1Sudbury 17-02-07.jpg (89049 bytes)   2Sudbury 17-02-07.jpg (97349 bytes)  Piking at Sudbury 001.jpg (48787 bytes)   Piking at Sudbury 003.jpg (29282 bytes)

  3Sudbury 17-02-07.jpg (128890 bytes)   4Sudbury 17-02-07.jpg (128953 bytes)   6Sudbury 17-02-07.jpg (129697 bytes)

Wick Mere & Ulting 5th February 2007

The water at Wick Mere was very clear and after 3 hours fishing and no bites even for silver fish on maggots Tim & Trev decided to make a move to the river at Ulting Church,, Tim had a small pike on his Kebab rig three more runs & a lovely Pike of 10lb-3oz (a personal best river pike) on smelt,, Trev remained fishless & didn't have a single run all day.

1Ulting 05-02-07.jpg (146980 bytes)   2Ulting 05-02-07.jpg (133335 bytes)   3Ulting 05-02-07.jpg (147073 bytes)   4Ulting 05-02-07.jpg (167433 bytes)   5Ulting 05-02-07.jpg (136521 bytes)   6Ulting 05-02-07.jpg (157429 bytes)


Sudbury 23rd January 2007

Tim & Trev  go back to Sudbury in search of big Pike on a winters day but only manage a couple of Jacks between them, but in view of the weather i.e Wind, Rain, Snow, & Thunder & Sunshine a lovely day was enjoyed by both yes we must be mad.

1Sudbury 23-01-07.jpg (171715 bytes)   2Sudbury 23-01-07.jpg (123525 bytes)   Trevor at Sudbury jan07.jpg (58914 bytes)   3Sudbury 23-01-07.jpg (113397 bytes)   Sunset Sudbury Jan 07.JPG (31799 bytes)   4Sudbury 23-01-07.jpg (93630 bytes)   5Sudbury 23-01-07.jpg (83868 bytes)

Boreham Mere 

9th January 2007

Trev & Tim were up against a very windy but mild day on the Mere although they found a sheltered area to cast their baits,, after quite a struggle to get any bites both anglers set up float rods to catch some silver fish, Tim had a couple of nice Perch & Trev a few bits and had a small Pike of about 4lbs..Trev nearly had a Black Cat  (Estimated at 10lb ) on Smelt,,,,thenTim's Pike float moved away slowly and he struck into a new personal best Pike of 13lb-8oz      Well Done Tim,,,, both anglers went home for some rest and to get ready for another trip tomorrow at Cant's Mere after Carp!

1Boreham Mere 09-01-06.jpg (89116 bytes)   2Boreham Mere 09-01-06.jpg (84672 bytes)   3Boreham Mere 09-01-06.jpg (88961 bytes)   4Boreham Mere 09-01-06.jpg (163756 bytes)   13lb-8oz Pike Boreham Mere 09-01-06.jpg (145766 bytes)   5Boreham Mere 09-01-06.jpg (152172 bytes)




Sudbury The River Stour 

28th December 2006

Trev goes out alone after Christmas to have a go for Pike at a new location on an Island  next to Friars Meadow but only finds 2 small pike at home, still it was nice to try out a new spot and there were no dogs in sight,, bait was smelt....

1Sudbury 28-12-06.jpg (179124 bytes)  2Sudbury 28-12-06.jpg (167004 bytes)   3Sudbury 28-12-06.jpg (164881 bytes)   5Sudbury 28-12-06.jpg (140155 bytes)   6Sudbury 28-12-06.jpg (179278 bytes)

Sudbury The River Stour 

6th December 2006

After a red letter day fishing with Dave last week Trev took advantage of an opportunity when Karen went Christmas shopping in Sudbury, A very short session in the river for 4 hours produced 2 pike 1 of about 12lbs & a super 15lb Specimen, Trev also hooked into a massive fish that shook the hooks at the net and this fish really was the one that got away! forgive the dodgy photo's as they were all taken as self portraits as Karen was at the shops when the fish were caught, conditions were very windy but mild, baits were smelt.

1Sudbury 06-12-06.jpg (74916 bytes)   2Sudbury 06-12-06.jpg (58150 bytes)   4Sudbury 06-12-06.jpg (177992 bytes)   5Sudbury 06-12-06.jpg (195518 bytes)   6Sudbury 06-12-06.jpg (131180 bytes)   7Sudbury 06-12-06.jpg (105118 bytes)

Sudbury The River Stour 

A Red Letter Day!   1st December 2006

Today we made an early start fishing in the back water near the Rowing Club from 7-30am, as we had not had a bite between us we decided to make a move to the main river at 10am although there was a fair flow to the river it looked fishable, the weather was mild but very wet for a little while, Dave after a few minutes in the new spot got hooked into a nice Pike of 9lbs this restored his faith & he soon had another of 10lbs, then it was Trev's turn with a nice fish of 12lb-12oz & the day then just got better & better & the action continued with Trev getting a nice fish of 16lb (His second biggest ever) & to end the session perfectly Dave struck into a Pike that turned out to be a new PB of 12lb-8oz just as it was getting dark 'Well done Dave' he who dares. We will be back soon !

1SD.jpg (157530 bytes)   2SD.jpg (114448 bytes)   3SD.jpg (144002 bytes)  4SD.jpg (111512 bytes)   5SD.jpg (112748 bytes)   6SD.jpg (109046 bytes)   7SD.jpg (89839 bytes)   8SD.jpg (111280 bytes)   9SD.jpg (94705 bytes)   10SD.jpg (102387 bytes)   11SD.jpg (109756 bytes)   12SD.jpg (131061 bytes)   13SD.jpg (92312 bytes)   14SD.jpg (111158 bytes)   15SD.jpg (116094 bytes)   16SD.jpg (94346 bytes)   17SD.jpg (142484 bytes)   18SD.jpg (167465 bytes)   19SD.jpg (73534 bytes)   20SD.jpg (72186 bytes)   21SD.jpg (50314 bytes)   

Sudbury The River Stour 

16th November 2006

We arrived just as it was getting light, we loaded the Barrow and after negotiating a bridge, stile, deep mud & the cow pats we chose a swim that the bailiff had recommended on a previous trip in March, straight away we were faced with the worst wind & rain that we have had for some time, as the pictures show Trev's Umbrella blew to bits after a few minutes of setting up ! Trev was lucky & managed to land 3 Pike 2 on smelt & one on lamphrey, Dave struggled & lost one at the net on smelt, we made the best of difficult conditions & we can't wait to return again on the 1st December...........'Yes' we must be mad! 

Now where do i start.jpg (43148 bytes)   4Sudbury Piking 16-11-06.jpg (117231 bytes)   1Sudbury Piking 16-11-06.jpg (102178 bytes)   Swanee river.jpg (58027 bytes)   2Sudbury Piking 16-11-06.jpg (83259 bytes)   3Sudbury Piking 16-11-06.jpg (119374 bytes)   Wot a lot o swans.jpg (30085 bytes)




Boreham Mere 6th November 2006

First Trip of the new season



No pike today the predators had gone away but a nice day was had catching the Roach & a few Perch in the Sunshine, Trev hooked & lost a Pike (the one that got away) , we were also visited by several wild cats that had made their home in the Bushes,



They enjoyed the old softies feeding them their Pike Baits as the Pike were not interested ...




Lilly view.jpg (57080 bytes)   Orange island.jpg (36717 bytes)   No pike here.jpg (40078 bytes)   1Boreham Mere 04-11-06.jpg (106734 bytes)   Pussy1.jpg (218497 bytes)   Pussy2.jpg (217904 bytes)   Pussy3.jpg (215304 bytes)




Boreham Mere 5th October 2005

Including Dave's first Pike

10lb 8oz Boreham Mere Pike.jpg (45066 bytes)   Boreham Mere 2.jpg (86860 bytes)   Boreham Mere 3.jpg (98588 bytes)   Boreham Mere 1.jpg (69164 bytes)   Boreham Mere 4.jpg (70980 bytes)

Boreham Mere 5.jpg (90045 bytes)   is anybody down there !.jpg (48031 bytes)   Boreham Mere 6.jpg (55595 bytes)   Boreham Mere 7.jpg (59598 bytes)   Boreham Mere 8.jpg (33466 bytes)

Boreham Mere 14th November 2005

Dave lands his first double at 12lb & Trev gets a bite on his finger

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Boreham Mere 5th December 2005

The Bream were about but the Pike stayed away, maybe due to an unexpected visit from the KGB!

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Boreham Mere 

3rd February 2006 Another Hard days Fishing

But the wild life was Wonderful

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