Bury Hill 

Monday 30th April 2007

Eager to return to Bury Hill since our last visit in August last year we booked a Punt & after a little detour on the way we arrived at the water at 8am and the punt was loaded up and we paddled for all we were worth to the Famous Jungle area of the lake, the anticipation of a bumper catch of Tench (due to the latest news from Bury Hill) was foremost in our minds, alas it was not to be and after a few hours & Trev getting broken up by a Large fish he finally landed a nice Carp of about 8lbs, Dave took the photo's & then responded with a look (See Photo) that said it all,, we decided to move & anchor just off the Island opposite the boat house, after a little while we caught some nice Bream to end the day, most fish were caught on maggots apart from the carp which took a large piece of banded bread flake,,, and the weather was Glorious.

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Friday 25thAugust 2006

After a long wait of over a year , what with all the anticipation of what to expect on the day and the weather forecast for heavy rain, the Gods were kind to us and the sun shone on the Righteous, the fishing was slow until 4pm, we then caught a few small bits, Trev caught a personal best Bream of 5lb-4oz and was delighted!

A new wonder bait was the highlight of the day called Sensas Luncheon Meat which had a pungent smell, so if anyone wants a taste feel free to ask...

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