Afternoon/Eve Club

Broads Green Lake & Tufnel Mere 

14th June 2010

This was the first trip out for Tim & Trev at this venue this season & it turned out to be a mixed catch firstly both Trev & Tim had carp to 12lb-8oz Tim catching the biggest this time,,, when they moved off of Broads Green Lake to Tuffers the bites just kept coming and both anglers bagged up on The Famous Tuffers Bream although no Photo's of the Bream this time as both Tim & Trev were very enjoying the non stop action,,, next trip soon maybe on the river....

1Broads Green & Tuffers 14th June 2010.jpg (169426 bytes)   2Broads Green & Tuffers 14th June 2010.jpg (123377 bytes)   3Broads Green & Tuffers 14th June 2010.jpg (155184 bytes)  4Broads Green & Tuffers 14th June 2010.jpg (185582 bytes)



Tufnel Mere Monday 24th May 2010

This was the very first Trip in 2010 for Trev on Tuffers although Dave had been practicing the week before when he had a nice Tench of 2-5lbs, Today the weather was scorching hot & the carp were topping all over the Mere ,, Trev arrived at about 2pm & on first cast he was into a very nice carp of about 10lbs, he was then joined by Dave who had some super carp & a surprise catch that shall remain a secret,,,, Trev also managed to catch a nice Bream. Due to Dave Swanning off on his holiday soon this will probably be the last Afternoon Club for a while, Dave will be gagging to land his first Twenty when he returns......


1Tuffers 24-05-2010.jpg (96817 bytes)   2Tuffers 24-05-2010.jpg (88884 bytes)   3Tuffers 24-05-2010.jpg (143047 bytes)




Broads Green Lake 6th May 2010

Today was the first session of the Afternoon Club for Trev & Dave, Trev arrived first at the lake at 1-45pm he had a nice Common Carp after about an hour of 12lb-1oz before he was joined by Sunny Dave... Dave struck into a nice carp that put up a fair struggle before it fell off, not deterred Dave cast out again & hooked another carp from the margins & again this fished waved goodbye before getting in the landing net,, again another fish was hooked & landed a nice Carp of 10lb-5oz, Trev had 3 more carp on a secret bait only known to Trev & Dave ... a nice start to the summer season & they both went home ready for the next session in a couple of weeks time........

Broads Green Lake 12lb-1oz Common.jpg (195018 bytes)   Broads Green Lake Missed it.jpg (166826 bytes)   Broads Green Lake Nice Mirror.jpg (148194 bytes)   Broads Green Lake 10lb-5oz Common.jpg (175754 bytes)



Tufnel Mere 12th May 2009

After the terrific Piking they had had both Dave & Trev were trying to get into the Carping mindset & the thoughts of catching that elusive Twenty Pounder,, with the weather forecast of heavy rain at any time it was difficult to know when to arrange a session, they made a decision & met at the Mere at 3pm. After a few light hearted moments the swims was chosen & it was game on,, Trev was soon into a nice carp of about 10lb & both Dave & Trev caught 9 fish between them including a nice Tench for Trev of about 3lb,, best fish of this short session was an 11lb-12oz Common for Trev,, best baits were Boilies, Bread & Paste, as usual time went too quickly....

Not Like That Like This.jpg (103884 bytes)   First Fish a Beauty.jpg (119365 bytes)   First Fish.jpg (119965 bytes)   Second Fish another Beauty.jpg (113674 bytes)   Quack Corner.jpg (83864 bytes)   

They Keep on Coming.jpg (121939 bytes)   Super Doopa Thasos Paste.jpg (117252 bytes)   Tench.jpg (98775 bytes)   Tight Lines Dave.jpg (197219 bytes)   A Weighing Job.jpg (97572 bytes)   



Broads Green 20th August 2008

A last minute decision brought Trev from Sudbury to join Dave & Steve at Broads Green Lake for a session after a long break due to the house move, The first fish of the session weighed 10lb exactly just before the arrival of Dave & Steve, Plenty of carp were biting the best was a beauty of 12lb-3ozs to Steve well done again Steve, best baits were Cream Cojouser boilies for Trev & Strawberry boilies for Steve,,, Dave was on ? a secret bait,,,,,,,,,, next session arranged for Dawn's Vale watch this space as it will be Dave's first time at this water and he will be on a mission 28lb Ghost Busting!



Blunts Mere Thursday 12th June 2008

This was the very first trip on Blunt's Mere this season and the very first time for Dave's son Steve , he settled in to his swim & caught steadily throughout the session & landed a personal best Carp of 15lb- 9oz well done Steve.. all anglers caught some lovely fish including Tench & Mirror Carp. 

1Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (174199 bytes)   2Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (143058 bytes)   3Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (174943 bytes)   4Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (155675 bytes)   5Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (148809 bytes)   6Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (133261 bytes)   7Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (118252 bytes)   8Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (133838 bytes)   9Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (126812 bytes)   10Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (135379 bytes)   11Blunts 12th June 2008.jpg (111223 bytes)




Tufnel Mere Tuesday 27th May 2008

The afternoon Club met in the car park at Tuffers at 3pm & Dave & Trev were joined by a new member Dave's son Steve, It was not long before all members were catching  carp as they moved into their swims, notable fish of the session went to Steve at 12lb-2oz & 11lb-11oz well done Steve,, best baits were Paste & Halibut Pellet Wraps,, the rain kept away which was a bonus...

1Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (114751 bytes)   2Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (104267 bytes)   3Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (107186 bytes)   4Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (122761 bytes)   5Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (110968 bytes)

6Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (111328 bytes)   7Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (125302 bytes)   8Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (109563 bytes)   9Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (101370 bytes)   10Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (101821 bytes)

11Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (98049 bytes)   12Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (100450 bytes)  13Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (109482 bytes)  15Tuff 27-05-08.jpg (97258 bytes)




Tufnel Mere Wednesday 16th May 2008

This was the first outing of the afternoon club at Tuffers this year for Dave & Trev & what a session it turned out to be, we will let the pictures speak for themselves.... 

Tuffers delight 001.jpg (45173 bytes)   Tuffers delight 002.jpg (43871 bytes)   Tuffers delight 003.jpg (50695 bytes)

1tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (123073 bytes)   2tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (125036 bytes)   3tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (149172 bytes)   4tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (114793 bytes)   5tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (102254 bytes)

6tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (72206 bytes)   7tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (89246 bytes)   8tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (93322 bytes)   9tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (117272 bytes)   10tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (106755 bytes)

11tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (107781 bytes)   12tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (115071 bytes)   14tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (114313 bytes)   13tuffers 14-05-2008.jpg (116455 bytes)





Tufnel Mere Friday 2nd May 2008

Due to work commitments Dave had to cancel this first outing of the afternoon club so Trev was glad that Karen was able to come along to record any action, The fishing was slow but Trev managed to land three fish the best a carp of about 10lb on his float rod baited with bread, Trev fished from 9am till 2-30pm and is now looking forward to the next afternoon trip at Tuffers next week all being well with desperate to get out Dave !

1Tufnel 2-5-2008.jpg (107988 bytes)   2Tufnel 2-5-2008.jpg (121822 bytes)   3Tufnel 2-5-2008.jpg (114113 bytes)   4Tufnel 2-5-2008.jpg (109180 bytes)   5Tufnel 2-5-2008.jpg (118085 bytes)




Tufnel Mere 26th July 2007

As the rain poured down Trev & Dave arrived on the bank at 3pm to fish till dusk, they fished in a corner swim of the mere that Dave wanted to try out,  the fishing was slow to start but ended up with about 10 fish caught in difficult conditions,, This is an area that we will try again when the weather improves, best baits Dave on pastes & Trev on Halibut Pellets. Best Fish 10lb-8oz

1Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (114837 bytes)   2Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (113620 bytes)   3Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (101632 bytes)   4Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (113343 bytes)   5Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (103711 bytes)   6Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (211497 bytes)   7Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (152105 bytes)  8Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (81564 bytes)  9Tuffers 26-07-07.jpg (166716 bytes)


Broads Green Lake 11th June 2007

Tanggies do the business,, A great Afternoons Fishing, Loads of fish & all Doubles including two 14lb fish,, we went home exhausted.

1Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (71393 bytes)   2Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (89869 bytes)   3Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (132440 bytes)   4Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (150601 bytes)   5Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (155304 bytes)   6Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (124656 bytes)   7Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (124282 bytes)   8Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (122938 bytes)   9Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (159144 bytes)   11Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (79816 bytes)   10Broads Green 11-06-07.jpg (130724 bytes)


Tufnel Mere 29th May 2007

This was a last minute decision to fish The 'Jimmy Jimmy Swim', due to the terrible wet weather that we are having at present we brought forward our visit by one day to try to avoid the rain, it proved a wise move & apart from the odd shower & puff of wind it was warm & at times hot, The fishing was slow to start with but then after changing  tactics we started to bag up,, Trev got hooked into a heavy fish that broke him up but then steadily caught Carp into the evening he also caught a fish that seemed to have the head of a Tench & the body of a Bream & it was aptly named as a Brench, Dave had a bit of a wait but then started catching in style landing a fantastic looking Tench followed by Bream, Carp & more Bream,, baits varied from Halibut Pellet to Bread & Paste....A Hard Days Work again !

1Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (145664 bytes)   2Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (159176 bytes)   3Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (139605 bytes)   5 A BrenchTufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (150561 bytes)   6Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (170308 bytes)   7Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (166004 bytes)   8Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (161330 bytes)   9Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (94149 bytes)   10Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (141445 bytes)   11Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (74188 bytes)  12Tufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (75934 bytes)   End Of The DayTufnel Mere 29-05-07.jpg (56348 bytes)

Tufnel Mere 16th May 2007

This was the first session this year at Tuffers and right on key at 3pm Dave arrived in the pouring rain, the first fish came after about 2 hours to Trev when he changed his bait from paste to bread on the Method feeder, Trev suddenly had a premonition that Dave was about to have a run & at that precise moment he did, and landed his only Carp of the session but followed it with a very nice Bream. Trev had another carp of about 8lb on Stinky French Garlic Flavored Luncheon Meat (a new Spam Product)  at 7pm fish started to show on the top, so Trev surface fished Bread and had a few lovely carp off the top (biggest 11lbs-2oz), Trev & Dave packed up at 8pm still catching up to the end in the pouring rain, (None but the Brave or Mad for this Trip) 

1Tufnel Mere 16-05-07.jpg (103903 bytes)   2Tufnel Mere 16-05-07.jpg (115955 bytes)   3Tufnel Mere 16-05-07.jpg (96038 bytes)   4Tufnel Mere 16-05-07.jpg (107225 bytes)   5Tufnel Mere 16-05-07.jpg (107556 bytes)   6Tufnel Mere 16-05-07.jpg (101551 bytes)


Seabrook's Reservoir 19th April 2007

Due to the hot sunshine Trev was tempted to go for a couple of hours & the result was some nice carp all caught on the top using banded bread, Karen did the honors with the camera including some action shots, with clear blue skies we could have been in Cyprus !....

1Sunny.jpg (80156 bytes)   2Sunny.jpg (136902 bytes)   3Sunny.jpg (156955 bytes)   4Sunny.jpg (199974 bytes)   5Sunny.jpg (153477 bytes)   6Sunny.jpg (167830 bytes)


Seabrook's Reservoir 16th April 2007

What a couple of weeks makes, The sun shone and the fish fed , Dave captured his second biggest Carp at 18lb 'Well Done Dave' Baits were Luncheon Meat, Halibut Pellet & Bread.

1Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (118008 bytes)  2Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (130380 bytes)   3Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (150209 bytes)   4Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (121837 bytes)   5Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (132118 bytes)   6Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (125875 bytes)   7Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (113065 bytes)   8Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (116758 bytes)   9Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (78774 bytes)   10Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (67648 bytes)   11Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (121514 bytes)   12Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (107622 bytes)   13Seabrooks 16-04-07.jpg (106335 bytes)


Seabrook's Reservoir 3rd April 2007

As the weather forecast was hot & sunny the first trip for the afternoon/evening club of 2007 was arranged & sure enough the temperature dropped when we arrived to fish & the sun disappeared,, after a wait of 2 hours Trev caught the first fish of the session a nice Common Carp of 10lb-4oz this was followed by a Dark Common for Dave of 8lb-8oz on the float lift method on maggots, Trev caught another almost Leather Carp of 11lb-4oz & 2 small roach, both carp were caught using Halibut pellet as recommended by Tim....

1Seabrooks 03-04-07.jpg (136807 bytes)   2Seabrooks 03-04-07.jpg (125110 bytes)   5Seabrooks 03-04-07.jpg (135295 bytes)   6Seabrooks 03-04-07.jpg (161551 bytes)

Tufnel Mere 4th September 2006

As the weather forecast was dry & warm and Dave was gagging to  have his string pulled, after work Dave dashed to join Trev for a another go in the same swims they had fished on the last visit to the mere on 2nd August, Dave wasted no time and was into his first carp within minutes of his arrival, Dave continued to catch 6 more fish whilst Trev watched and waited for his first bite, not wishing to be humiliated he changed baits from boilies to paste & quickly caught 7 carp to level the score, Dave came back & took another 3 fish. The total haul of 18 fish was estimated to be in the region of 150lb in just a few hours Dave catching the best fish of the session a 13lb Common,, both anglers went home in the moonlight very happy & contented still dreaming of their first twenty. He Who-He-Who ect...... 

1Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (116645 bytes)   2Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (184071 bytes)   3Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (137946 bytes)   4Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (74588 bytes)   6Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (101751 bytes)

7Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (51548 bytes)  8Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (96930 bytes)   9Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (117109 bytes)   10Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (84571 bytes)   12Tuffers 04-09-06.jpg (83687 bytes)   13Tuffers 04-09-06 Double Act.jpg (82856 bytes)

Another wet evening at Tufnel 2nd August 2006

Fishing uncharted area of the mere ( including a Trev Twighlight)

Tufnel 02-08-06 pic 1.jpg (54458 bytes)   Tufnel 02-08-06 pic2.jpg (69651 bytes)   Tufnel 02-08-06 pic3.jpg (98970 bytes)   Tufnel 02-08-06 pic4.jpg (53765 bytes)   Tufnel 02-08-06 pic5.jpg (60197 bytes)   Tufnel 02-08-06 pic6.jpg (65891 bytes)

Tufnel Mere 25th July 2006

A late decision to fish this afternoon proved a good one, it was nice to see Dave bouncing along the High Road with not a Jimmy Jimmy in sight. The fishing continued to be in great form and a couple of firsts were recorded, Dave with the comments I have never caught on these halibut pellets only to strike into a nice 13lb Common and Trev catching his biggest carp of the day a lovely 11lb 8oz Common on a Spicy Chicken (Good Sh-t) Sandwich & Tim's Mini Pineapple boilies catching most other fish, Dave also had several more carp on Halibut pellets & a nice bonus Tench (see pic),,,,remember he who dares wins well Dave dared & landed a nice Carp on the top on bread in the Twighlight zone, well done Dave.

TM 25-07061.jpg (141588 bytes)   TM 25-07062.jpg (119070 bytes)   TM 25-07063.jpg (152331 bytes)   TM 25-07064.jpg (146317 bytes)   TM 25-07065.jpg (142954 bytes)   TM 25-07066.jpg (130661 bytes)

TM 25-07067.jpg (140824 bytes)   TM 25-07068.jpg (157249 bytes)   P72600159.jpg (134603 bytes)   TM 25-070610.jpg (116676 bytes)   TM 25-070611.jpg (64753 bytes)   TM 25-070612.jpg (80962 bytes)

Broads Green Lake 28th June 2006

Very hard fishing but Dave Managed a 9lb common on Luncheon Meat and Trev was keeping out of the sun

9lb broads green lake 28-06-06.jpg (189291 bytes)   Charlie Chan.jpg (67597 bytes)

18th May 2006

Tufnel Mere

Remember He who Dares Wins!

The weather forecast was very heavy rain and Dave nearly cancelled the session, apart from one short shower it remained dry and Dave was rewarded with his first Tench for some time and a super Common of 14lb-12oz.

Tench Tuf1.jpg (122172 bytes)   BT1.jpg (82457 bytes)   Common Carp 14lb-12oz Tuf.jpg (127622 bytes)   BC1.jpg (71561 bytes)   The Swim 1.jpg (141777 bytes)

4th May 2006

Tufnel Mere

The weather stayed fine and Trev was aching with laughter after a visit by Jimmy Jimmy, we caught a few nice fish but most of the photo's were blurred due to camera shake (see slip ups).

Jimmy Jimmy.jpg (132711 bytes)   10.5lb Common Tufnel 5-5-06.jpg (116887 bytes)   Afternoon ClubTuffers 04-05-06 No1.jpg (96332 bytes)   Afternoon ClubTuffers 04-05-06 No2.jpg (94885 bytes)   Afternoon ClubTuffers 04-05-06 No3 9lb Twig.jpg (78485 bytes)