Trev achieves his ambition of a Twenty Pound Carp

at 24lb-1oz on Friday 14th May 2010


4 Blunts 14th May 2010 24lb-1oz.jpg (189976 bytes)



Trev Lands a Nice Pike in the snow 

on Monday 8th February 2010

P2080005.jpg (195763 bytes)


Dave Lands a  PB Pike during The Piker's Club Match

on Monday 1st February 2010


2Piker's Club Match 1st Feb 2010 17lb-2oz.jpg (188648 bytes)


Trev Lands a new PB River Pike on Friday 11th December 2009


2nd Shot 17lb-5oz 11thDecember 2009.jpg (134291 bytes)



Alligator Tim Lands a new PB Pike on Tuesday 11th December 2007


2Tim 17lb-05oz Wick Mere 11-12-07.jpg (113781 bytes)

A new PB Pike for Dave The Hunter

on Monday 19th November 2007


15lb-8oz Pike Wick Mere 19-11-07.jpg (119108 bytes)


Previous PB   1st December 2006


12lb 8oz Dave New pb.jpg (86787 bytes)


18th October 2006


Trev catches another PB at 19lb on Vitalin  Paste

19lb Common PB1 Blunts 18-10-06.jpg (92348 bytes)


2nd October 2006

Trev Catches a New Personal Best at 18lb-8oz from Blunts Mere on Halibut Paste

19Blunts 02-10-06.jpg (128420 bytes)

29th September 2006

Tim catches His First Twenty at 21lb from Blunts Mere fishing on his own on 6lb b/s line and a single grain of sweetcorn at 4-30pm 

'Well Done Tim' from Trev & Dave we will be chasing you!

Tim's 21lb Carp 1.jpg (78114 bytes)   Tim's 21lb Carp 2.jpg (85673 bytes)

Piking At Boreham Mere 5th October 2005

Boreham Mere 2.jpg (86860 bytes)    Boreham Mere 4.jpg (70980 bytes)  

Wick & Cant's Mere 4th June 2005

Wick Mere 11lb 8oz.JPG (67245 bytes)     Cant's 4th June 05 14lb Carp.JPG (102342 bytes)